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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gator in the ditch and I hate hay

Playing a prank on the kids is getting harder and harder. They are much less gullible trusting than they once were.

My brother got a gator decoy. (I think he gets distracted while ordering tractor parts online.)
What we should have done is put it under the trees across the river where they like to swim.
Instead I put it in the big drainage ditch below the hill and we told the kids there was a cute family of baby ducks swimming with their mommy.
It was amusing but not quite the screaming cries of terror we had envisioned.
I also used the same line on my wife and she was amused.
I had hoped the tree trimming folks employed by the Electric Company would see it and react also. They did not.
Our lines were clear and so they spent the day setting in their air conditioned big diesel truck in the shade. I wonder if they got bored?
But, I digress.
I was raking hay and it was 85 degrees. I got sunburned.
The only small tractor that is currently running is an IH 656 hydro of indeterminate age. I was pulling a model 56 New Holland rake.
There is a lot of heat that comes off that hydro!
We should operate a living history museum...
I hate doing hay. It was once my favorite time of year. My daughter says I am grumpy.


  1. Rippy the Gator? Now that is some unconventional music that you might like. Just google "The Arrogant Worms".
    Beautiful spraying weather here in Sask. today but I still don't like spraying.

    1. If you just had your $150,000 new sprayer it would be so much more fun.

  2. It was pitching bales that I hated, and stacking them up against the rafters of the barn!

  3. i raked hay like a boss... with a fork. drug it into the barn by the tarpload. my arms hurt so much that i'm typing this with my nose. but hay.. i mean.. hey... funny gator.

  4. I used to have them once and awhile in my lake back in Fl. They taste good! Just don't tell anyone. they are as sacred as a feral cat down there. Worthy of a big fine and or jail even though they are as common as rodents and a bigger nuisance. Yours might not be the edible kind though.

    1. When I was in FL they told about catching and eating them. They said you had to catch them with a chuck of meat on a hook. Then they would shoot them with a 30-30. Said they would sink otherwise.
      I don't know, I worked with some real hicks. Pinewoods of the Northern Panhandle

  5. I was pretty good at causing rain by knocking down a few acres of alfalfa.

    1. Yes, they call for rain middle of next week. That should make for a busy weekend!

    2. They? The talking heads? Flush with wisdom? Right 50% of the time on a good day.


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