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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My view of the great information gathering scandal

So I watched Faux News (using the useful idiot spelling) while waiting for my daughter at guitar practice yesterday.
I've heard several discussions of the Gubment's clever plan to thwart terrorism by recording every single communication made in the world and the argument is always the same.
They need to keep us safe/the guy is a traitor vs the Gubment doesn't need to read my emails. Every argument ends with a declaration for at least one party that they don't trust the Gubment anymore.
I was sort of bemused by the whole thing as I thought everyone in the world already knew this information search was going on. There have been articles in "Wired" and "Popular Science," and my webnews info site.
However, since I don't watch TV news I guess I have a different perspective.
After watching Faux News, I'm kind of amazed. The Gubment totally and completely lies to you all the time. I watched the head of the NSA lie and then get caught in the lie and do a terrible job of explaining away the lie.
I saw that our US Senator, Ron Wyden, set up the head of the NSA with the spying question. This was explained by Carl Rove, who then criticized the "set-up" as a dirty trick. Wyden was on the committee that knows about the program but he can't talk about it cause it is all top secret. So he asked the head of the NSA if they were collecting data on US citizens to force him to either lie or admit to it.
Carl Rove criticized the NSA guy for not giving a better answer and went on the say that revealing the program harmed US security.
I call BS.
Carl Rove was one of the geniuses that gave us this mess.
I'll explain the program to you! I found the explanation in the middle of an article which complains that the NSA spied on everyone but Islamic people. But... Read this quote out of the middle. (Click on the quote to see the whole article.)

"Before mosques were excluded from the otherwise wide domestic spy net the administration has cast, the FBI launched dozens of successful sting operations against homegrown jihadists — inside mosques — and disrupted dozens of plots against the homeland."

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Do you realize what they were doing with this program???
They picked up key words. They found the people with the suspicious phone calls and emails, and they set them up to do terrorist acts, and then they busted them!!!!
Now I realize you are not going to see any criticism of this as it is standard police work in the so-called war on drugs, but it is not really fighting "terrorism."
For perspective...
I email MuddyValley about fertilizer and blowing up the Beavers. A chicken feed customer tries to get me involved in a plot to blow up an Oregon State Football game. (The Beavers)
I find the whole thing intensely amusing and I get the chicken feed guy to tell me more. FBI agents raid my home, shoot my dog, and take away all my vetch screenings thinking they are castor beans. 
Instead they find parts of old guns, 40 year old boxes of .22 ammo, a slingshot, an antique Lakeside shotgun (that I'm afraid to shoot), model rocket engines, The Anarchist's Cookbook, and declare me a terrorist. 
They put out a press release congratulating themselves on foiling a homegrown terrorism plot.
I sue them for 1.2 million dollars for breaking my record collection during their attempt to plant ricin in my carpet.
I go to jail...
The difference between me and the Islamic people is that I don't belong to an organization that has any lobbying power and.... I'm NOT a potential terrorist.
I do find the whole post 9-11 world frightening. It is like everything that the Gubment has done has been thought up by people who are promoted several steps above their ability and that they get their ideas from comicbooks and movies they saw as kids.
So, crazy people in airplanes crash into great public buildings and what do you do?

A- Admit you don't know who did it and call on everyone to return to the basic ideas of freedom and personal responsibility that this nation was founded on. 

B- Spend trillions on war that has almost nothing to do with the original terrorist act. Go into a country that ruined the economies of Great Britain and Russia. Accidently kill people whose relatives will hate you for 1000 years and thus spawn new terror attacks? 
Do strange irrational things like have a cow about Bible donations and a rifle scope manufacturer who may or may not have a Bible verse encoded in a serial number and then send a Gay ambassador to an unstable country populated by fanatics who hate Gays? Send a woman to negotiate with people who think women should walk ten paces behind them?
Fight a war against "terrorists" (whatever that means) who are getting illegal weapons somewhere, but yet at the same time, destabilize a crazy country where the nutcase dictator collected warehouse upon warehouse of the same weapons....
And then, purposely import as many people as possible who belong to the same ideology of the shadowy group you are supposedly fighting, but yet have no program in place to filter out (if you can) those people who are potential "terrorists."
AND finally, attempt record every single electronic transmission in the world and filter it for keywords to find the above mentioned terrorists?

They chose B...

I swear, you couldn't dream this crap up if you were writing a book....


  1. Sometimes I think the only thing that keeps the elitists from taking over is they are not as smart as they think they are. They are going for quantity since they don't have quality.

    Of course, that doesn't help when they arrest the whole neighborhood.

    I might suggest that you try out some of your 40 year old 22lr. Find out if you are really a threat.

    Or it could be all the subversive thoughts in those old records that were made back when people could read and write.

    Grace and peace.

  2. So, as a result of your email, did I turn state's evidence, get a generous pension, get relocated to a beautiful home in the Rockies (acquired as a result of a previous raid), with a new name? Naw, I refused and have to put up with hearing those black helicopters fly over and take pictures for the rest of my life.

  3. It all makes sense when you remember that Satan is currently in charge of this world and is setting things up for the antiChrist.

  4. aint that right. and i knew that Muddy would sell you out. ;-) just kiddin.... ha! i'm positive i'm on every watch list out there. that turkey i have is a terror for sure. see what i just did? i'm now implicated in the Istanbul mess and am on another list. for heavens sakes.

    my favorite show on tv is Person of Interest - even hollyweird knew about this info gathering thing a long time ago. for heavens sakes.

  5. I loved the episode of Faux News where Bill O'Reily was pressing Senator Rand Paul to find out whether the NSA was collecting our emails and it became clear that Rand Paul already knew, but couldn't say what he knew.


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