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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Planting is finished for this year and what is an anachronism?

The last duck pond finally dried out. I planted millet. Growing three acres of it for chicken feed. We didn't get our scheduled rain so it probably won't come up without irrigation.
Daughter and I have been discussing turning the duck pond into a circle track. There are a number of three-wheelers, 4 wheelers, small cars, trucks, tractors that could be driven I moderate speeds in circles. My brother suggested turning a duckblind into a grandstand. We have plenty of straw bales....

Is mounting FarmerGPS on a 1942 Minneapolis-Moline U an illustration of the term "Anachronism" or is it just an example of why we don't really get much done here at Lazy Farmer Farms.
The photo is of replanting Teff. It is not coming up. Teff is kind of difficult to grow. The seeds are tiny and I always plant it too deep.


  1. GPS on vintage tractors. Maybe I should install it on my Cockshutt 40 to keep me from driving into the ditch with the snow blower this winter. How are you getting around the 6 volt system on that U?

  2. Ralph, it actually did not work so well. I was using a USB patch antenna on a tablet computer. I kept loosing the GPS signal. It was either the unshielded ignition or just excessive vibration.
    We converted to 12v some years ago so the 6v was not a problem.
    I thought it was going to work quite nicely when I started. It was very hard to see my rows and I didn't really need two inch accuracy.
    It would work very well to keep you out of the ditch with the cockshutt.


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