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Thursday, October 25, 2012

So do I vote for the democrat or the communist?

Someone made this comment in a somewhat joking manner this morning. I didn't actually realize that was true.
Click here
This election is an exercise in frustration...


  1. He'd have to be even worse than THAT not to be the lesser of THOSE two evils!

  2. How about we write in each other? I doubt we could do much worse a job than the current candidates.

  3. I was going to vote Romney/Ryan, but now I don't know..... Muddy/Shepherd has a nice ring to it! Campaign slogan: Coffee in every pot and an IH or Studebaker in every driveway! I like it!

  4. Yeah I want to be vice president. The Vice President gets to have all the fun. parties, bbq, inane comments...

    1. Perhaps the best vice president of all. Not stop parties the whole time he was in office and no further political ambition so the president could trust him.
      I make politics my recreation-Garret Augustus Hobart


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