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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My friend's artwork

It is pretty good, you can't even see the numbers!
Bless his angst-filled artist soul... or female drama filled soul-depending on how you look at it. If only he could run away and fight in the Spanish Civil war or be a stover on a tramp steamer.
Anyway, here is the link...
If you want to comment, be sure to use big words like existential or dadistic or avant-garde, or simulacrum which I have no idea the meaning of.
Don't say, "a pet monkey with a paintbrush," or "It's pretty good you can't even see the numbers..." or I don't get it-where is the tree? Those are not encouraging things to say to an aspiring artist.


  1. Didn't leave any comments there. Couldn't quite find the right words. Now if I could frame my drop cloth I could be an artist also.
    ps. I didn't see the tree either.

  2. No offense to your friend, but Jackson Pollack already framed & sold his drop cloth. I find "Do not cover" aptly named! ("About this work:...acrylic, drop cloth, staple...")
    Bobby: You have to "Be" the tree, then it is everywhere to be seen.

  3. Perhaps I should mention that he may or may not read this blog. I didn't mean to be harsh. I am more into representational art myself and am a bit of a Philistine in areas of art appreciation. I think it is great stuff and wish him luck. I'm thinking of writing a good review and using lots of big words that I don't understand.
    "The artists expression of a tortured soul though his dadistic interpretation of the postmodern abstract school gives the viewer a vision of the tactical simulacrum of desire vs loss of innocence-but with also with a haunting hint of pre-twentyfirst century nihilism."

  4. If 'handyman' describes his vocation then this wonderful loose hand and freedom from convention makes all kinds of sense. Repairing and making things for others is kind of constraining if a man delights in chaos. Kind of like it myself.

  5. "Well, I don't know much about art, but..." (Use your imagination on the blank.)


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