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Sunday, April 24, 2011

We visited the state capital last week or was it the week before?

Here is the daughter with the famous golden pioneer.

Here is his ax..


  1. It appears that his axe is bringing up the rear in his march into history!

  2. Saw the close-up. Nice. Lots better than the one we got

    Always good to learn some history.

  3. Hmm. Mr Farmer goes to Salem? That has a nice ring to it.

    I first went to the crapital on a field trip when I was in 3rd grade. I don't think I was there again until I went to a hearing on field burning a couple years back. Seemed a lot smaller than I remembered! I guess it's pretty nice as state capitals go but I could almost tangibly feel rural Oregon being screwed over while I was there.

  4. Gorges, Nice Ax?
    Bobby, Your shrimper is more modern... You know they used to use big Minneapolis-Moline engines in shrimp boats, know anything about that?
    Orin, yeah, they said Ag, Fishing, and Forestry USED to be the foundation of the state. Now it is High Tech, which gives us Toxic waste and toxic people cooped up in their toxic factories in the toxic city. I have opinions.
    Why yes dear child, this is the spot where they make all those really annoying rules. This legislator my certainly be a nice man but he is going to do his best to make your father's life more complicated.
    It was just painful, I wanted to yell, "just stop it, stop everything, go on vacation, leave, anything, just don't pass any more laws!"


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