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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peaceful resistance? Free Roberta Spen!

I think this lady should be considered as the Rosa Parks of automobile discrimination.
When the officer tried to pull her over for having "faulty brake lights" she drove into McDonald's ordered lunch and then left.
She did stop for the officer outside the parking lot but refused to roll down her window further than an inch and said, "she was not speeding and she would not roll her window down."(From the Palm Beach Post)
And then-she drove off. This got the whole police department on the scene and there was a low speed chase and clever driving by the police department. She finally decided to get gas and they nabbed her at the gas station.
I wonder if they took a clue from Amity police department and asked her if she had guns, knives, explosives, or lots of cash, before they pulled her from the vehicle.
I'm sure you all realize that faulty brake lights, license plate light, or "I didn't see your seatbelt," or rolling through an intersection are all reasons to stop someone on the officer's whim. She probably fit some profile. Perhaps the car was dirty and she looked like a meth user.
I think it is really funny when people resist but don't do any sort of violence, they just don't do what they are supposed to.
She is lucky she didn't get tased.
If I had any money I would start a legal defense fund for her!
Here is a link to her mugshot.
I wonder if she actually got a chance to eat her lunch. Or, what exactly did she order? Did she "super size it?"


  1. You're an idiot.

  2. Anonymous, and your point is? You don't even have the balls to use your real name or the cleverness to make up a fake name- but yet you care enough to comment? I am most certainly chastened to know that an anonymous internet user thinks I'm an idiot. Thank you for raising my Google search ranking with your interest. I will know not to claim myself as a non-idiot in the future. Not that I have in the past...nor do I really take all that much offense at being called an idiot. Wow, that wasted three minutes of my life..

  3. Jack-booted thugs. That's what a lot of them are. Maybe they were bullied on in school and this is their pay-back. Maybe they have an inferiority complex. Maybe they got a small one and this makes up for it.
    As for idiots, If they can't sign their names, I wouldn't worry about them.

  4. Have you ever noticed that most cops are the kind of people who shouldn't be allowed to carry guns?

  5. Gorges: Ever notice the count of the number of shots fired in a police involved shooting, compared to the number of hits on the subject?
    To the cops credit in the case under discussion however, they didn't shoot or taze. Budde:It is very possible that since the driver wasn't black, Latin American, or full of tattoos, that she just might have had a tail light out & the cops were initially, merely pulling her over for her safety, to tell her to get it fixed.

  6. I don't really get this. Why didn't she just stop? Just roll down the window and listen to what the cop had to say. Whats the big deal?
    I don't like cops when they give me tickets but I am sure thank full for them. I have met good cops and I have met cops who are idiots. I think we would be in real trouble with out them.

  7. mtrhd44, thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand on this topic. I was perhaps not as clear as I could have been.
    I think it is really a really funny example of resisting the "system." She just didn't comply. She didn't get violent, she didn't ram any police cars. She didn't speed. She never did anything to raise the level of violence so the police couldn't really go to the next higher level of violence. It appears she didn't yell or scream or swear, she just refused to stop and accept the ticket. I would say she is really lucky that she got some professional officers and thus did not get tazed or shot or beat up or dropped on the pavement. She was just a grumpy old lady. I think it is hilarious and I think she deserves a medal.

  8. And another thing... Sure there are good cops and bad cops but the issue is how they respond to situations, what are their rules of engagement. Good vs bad is somewhat subjective. I think current police training is flawed and has resulted in resulted in cops responding in a way that provokes violence and endangers both cops and citizens. I don't exactly have the answers but this is the 21st century and you would think someone would study such things and come up a better way. Or perhaps...that is the problem...


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