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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It is a beautiful day!

I am waiting for a call from a fellow who is buying straw from me.  It is 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday. At 7:30 I am selling some hay. I think...
Yesterday I spread fertilizer on some of the most sorry looking ryegrass I have seen. The plants are barely 2" tall. The geese and continual flooding have not been kind. The good ryegrass is turning brown at the tips, save for the spots where I stopped my drill and extra 10-34 ran out. I made one pass through the good field but it was so soft I gave up on it.
I was hoping this would have been done the day before but somehow it was not.
My next plan was to plant barley. I had a 4 acre field and then a 30 acre field. The 4 acres was to be Baronessee and the rest is Steptoe (sp?), they are bearded barley with rough awnes, meaning the itchy scratchy stuff.
However, I ran out of seed twice in the 4 acre field. It would seem the drill planting chart is just a bit off. Then I broke off a no-till coulter and I just gave up. I came home and installed the generator starter on my ancient Wisconsin 8hp engine that runs the auger on my feed box. It just buzzed. I think I hooked up a wire wrong. Then I tried the Variac device I just bought on ebay so I can gradually power up my old tube radios and not blow the caps. The Variac seems to have a bit of a short circuit. As in a loud buzzing noise and many sparks. So much for that idea.
Then I came home and attempted to find a nice Easter poem to read for church but got distracted by trucks and balers on craigslist.
I need a farm truck. Ours are such unbelievable hunks of junk but we have five (5). So that makes it all right...
I went and looked at a 1976 Ford LN7000 with a 671 Detroit and what the fellow said was a 13spd Road Ranger. He wanted $2400. It had a new supercharger and one rear end. Has a 22 ft bed but a 4ft overhang and the bed rails are not sturdy enough to put a hoist on it. It runs and drives good. I did not buy it as I am really scraping bottom on my cash reserves.
I think if it would have had stake pockets I would have bought it. Then I could put 2x4's in the stake pockets and had something to hold the scrap metal in the bed. Perhaps I could use some truck frame rails for side boards.  If I had the $2400 I think I would go buy the truck. I just hate to bring home more crap.
Today I am planning on grinding feed with a neighbor who bought a NH feed grinder. The truck that has the barley has no license nor insurance nor brakes and I have to drive five miles. Brakes are for sissies anyway. Don't need no license I'm a #$%^&ing farmer!
Have a nice day!

Note: I have not been posting comments on your blogs as I have not been wandering around the internet late at night. Nothing personal, I've been sleeping...


  1. You have cash reserves and you're sleeping? I'll have to try that!

  2. Dear Canadians (with apologies to Ralph);
    The free lunch has gone on long enough. Come and get your feathered, poa annua spreading, $^&*@!% mowing machines. Seriously. Otherwise I'm going to start billing you for AUM's.

    I hate 'em.

    2" is not that bad. I was in the buggy the other day and I decided to fertilize anything I could see drill rows in. There were places that the geese had eaten it down so far that the rows were no longer visible. I can show you sorry ryegrass! This is of course on the wildlife refuge. But assuming that we don't run out of moisture in May, that 2" stuff might beat the 24" stuff in yield. I've seen it happen.

  3. Gorges, My cash reserves are the $500 I just got from selling a truck load of straw...
    Bobby, Sleep is nice!

    Orin,I thought McDon was the ultimate? So, I should put the disk away and keep it? (It looks bad. Except for the annual bluegrass and rat-tailed fescue. Between the rows)

  4. Sorry for being misleading- I was referring to the geese! :-)


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