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Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Pathetic Snow Storm

It has been rather chilly in my neck of the woods. The temperatures have been in the teens. (Using the nonCommunist system of indicating temperature)
This has made groundskeeping a bit uncomfortable. It is not bad when the sun comes out. The worst thing is having five layers of clothes and having to go to the bathroom. I've considered just pooping myself but eventually I am going to have to get down to my underwear and I suspect there would be some objection from the home laundry department.

My lovely wife got me a Mr. Heater for Christmas. I'm pretty sure this would not be allowed. I keep quiet about it.

I've been raking leaves and cutting woody plants. The leaves are usually frozen to the ground but the point is really to work hard enough to not be cold. It is also good to be seen hauling Gator loads of leaves and clippings around. This makes you look productive.

I've actually had a student buy me coffee and a couple offered. I thought this was pretty generous until it was explained that the students get extra points on the meal cards which can be redeemed at Starbucks and so they are not actually spending $5 of student loan money. (I think)
Today it snowed.
My nephew from the city showed up with a spare computer to play some sort of computer game with my daughter. I was attempting to fix the four-wheeler so that I could tow her on an inner tube in the snow.
I forgot to shut the gas off on the four-wheeler and it filled the crankcase up with gasoline. Of course problems ensued and it took me hours. Then we discovered the old tractor tube had a leak which I attempted to patch and the patch failed.
So I took them for a ride in the snow in my pickup. I convinced my daughter to try "cutting cookies." I think she was not all that thrilled.

It is now raining and 29 degrees. I suspect it will be just a little slick in the morning..


  1. I remember doing that in the snow with a 52 Pontiac many years ago. And a little before I had my drivers license. And thanks for using real degrees, not those wimpy celsius degrees wherein 0 is actually only 32F. I know its a losing battle but I've been fighting the metric system for over 40 years now.

    1. I told my daughter it was a rite of passage for a farm girl. As for the communist system. I choose to resist. I have been attempting to use a combination of Standard and Whitworth tools to avoid commie wrenches. However I just had to break down and buy a set.

  2. Back when I drove a mail truck between home and Pittsburgh, I had a four hour lay-over on that end. One time, out of boredom, I spent some time doing donuts in a mall parking lot. That probably looked interesting to some nearby kids, since the truck had a 22 foot box and a Canadian logo on the side that hadn't been painted over yet.

  3. Our rite of passage was being flung around the pasture behind a TO30 Ferguson on a ol' chevy truck hood.

  4. We have a Gravely zero turn mower that came with a leaf bagger on the back; Well, the bags fill up rather quickly, they you have to get off and empty them one at a time.....old fashioned......Now to 2017, I am building a box that hangs where the bags were that will just open up when I back onto the trailer and dump them out. Have yet to see if it works.

  5. Couple of things:

    First, no sooner do I ask about heat in your Gator than you get a heater! Well done, and be careful about those propane fumes.

    Second, I recently got some good (fun) practice doing handbrake turns on the frozen parking lot at my church! Only way to slide the back end in a SAAB 900 is by locking up the back wheels. So, handbrake or left foot braking it is!


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