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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

These Are Not The Leaf-Blowers You Are Looking For...

My daughter has affected me.
I have never viewed a full Starwars movie. I find them a bit tedious. But I also like to make clever insider jokes with my daughter and so I have watched parts of the movies with her.
I hooked up a large screen surplus LCD TV in her room and wired up a Dynaco QD1 passive surround sound set up for her when she had a Star Wars marathon with her friends.

The other day at work someone asked for a leaf blower.
I replied, these are not the Leaf Blowers you are looking for.
He replied, these are not the Leaf Blowers I am looking for... Move along...
The other fellow thought it was rather funny.
I was happy to engage in a cultural reference that didn't involve 40 year old country-western music.

Later, another of my co-workers insisted on buying me lunch at the Sushi place in honor of payday and new responsibilities at work. He thinks that everything is "Part of God's Plan" and that "We have a mission" at the college.

I had the octopus.

It was weird and disgusting. You could feel the rubber tentacles and the funny little suckers. I looked at his empty and deflated brain sack and felt depressed.
This is how I will end up.
My brains jellied and drained out.
Perhaps I will be happier.

Oh boy, another day at work!
I'm learning the job of Athletics Groundskeeper.
I spent all day yesterday blowing off the track.
I have to figure out a way to listen to books on tape. This is mind numbing boredom...


  1. I like to do those movie quotes and references with friends and family too. I think I am pretty good at it but must admit my Star Wars exposure has been quite limited. I see many references to it on Family Guy and have probably learned more there than anywhere else. See? TV is not a total waste of time. ":-)

  2. My Sci Fi taste runs more to Robert Sawyer, so I'm afraid I didn't get the Star Wars inside joke if that's what it was.
    Octopi? Study them. They are quite clever and have eyes very similar to ours. To eat one, would to me, be akin to eating a dog.

  3. Everyone should eat squid at least once, so they'll know why not to eat squid.

    1. I ordered squid boiled in oil in a Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs once. Sent them back. Most disgusting dish ever. However, fried they are tasty and identical to razor clams.

    2. I went to the Greek Restaurant in Tarpon Springs.


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