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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Global Climate Change Inspired Weather Continues

We have more snow.
I was called in early in the week to come in a 6 a.m. and do snow and ice removal.
I bought extra warm clothes so I would be the one to run the Toro snowplow.
While it is a bit nippy at 6 a.m., I like to run bulldozers, and I am allergic to hard work. It makes me tired.
I zipped around and plowed sidewalks.
The dining hall folks gave us a free breakfast! I had a very decent omelette and gravy.
The guy next to me pocketed a boiled egg for later. Great plan! I wish I would have thought of it.
Then the skid shoes on my plow wore through so the blade hit the ground.
No one was in the shop and so I welded up new wear plates from scrap metal I found in the scrap barrel.

Then I got caught.
It unfortunately improved my status at work. They suspect I have hidden talents.
This resulted in my being called in to do ice melt at 6 a.m. yesterday.
I told the supervisor I was easily confused and needed supervision. So he called in the guy who normally does it but is moving to a different department.

He spent the morning training me. We went to 7-11 for coffee.
It was much better than shoveling ice.
We stretched it out till 2 p.m. when we had to go home so we would not be paid overtime.
I'm hoping I can find parking lots to bulldoze today so I don't have to shovel.
I am now The Lazy Groundskeeper!
Then I came home and we pulled the engine out of the 2-135. Another engine swap coming up.


  1. That Toro looks a little light for serious snow removal by Sask. standards. But no doubt it beats the heck out of shoveling. I am vying for the second laziest farmer title by leaving my snow lay til next week when it is supposed to warm up to the thawing point. We shall see. ..

    1. It will move a surprising amount of snow. I'm trying to stay on the good side of the mechanic so I didn't lower the skid shoes and drop the blade. I think if I removed the shoes it would really dig in. It has four wheel drive.
      Obviously it is fairly small but I cleaned a parking lot with it.

  2. I find it amusing how much our equipment is alike. Aaaand I can't figure how to attach a picture, probly can't. Anywhoo, I got my leaf catcher done, it works! I have a John Deere F1145 that will take a plow and man will it move some snow! Ours has a rollover structure on it so I put a windscreen with lights on it for snowplowing, fortunately we haven't needed it for a few years. My sidewalk plow now is a Kawasaki 750 with a plow on the front; Much lighter duty but it gets it done. Maybe I will be a Big Time Operator like you if I ever get a Gator? lol

    1. You have more freedom to do what you want. i get a lot of supervision. I think that left to my own devices I could do a lot more...

  3. Ralph, what you're doing is called "energy conservation." That's more snow than we've had yet, Budd, and I'm not a bit jealous!

    1. I like the fresh snow. Today was a bugger. Chunks of Ice. I drove around a lot. Climbed so hills. Tried to look busy. I am really lazy.

    2. Gorges, I like that idea. I am hoping to use solar power to remove the snow. It may take a while but I'll give it a few days.


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