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Monday, January 16, 2017

The things young white kids want to believe and we pay for with our tax dollars

I have a nephew who is really a nice guy. He is smart and thoughtful and totally and a good person. But he is completely full of poop. In another age he would have been a missionary or pastor. He now works for the Oregon Student Interest Group.
They go door to door to develop cell groups and it is called community organizing. Sort of the Jehovah Witness of the Social Justice Warrior Religion. He is quite good at it it would seem.
I avoid commenting on his Facebook posts because it will only make me look like more of a racist and intolerant white person than I actually am, and because persecution only reinforces the belief systems of people who are Marxists, Social Justice Warriors, Democrats, waiting for Space Ships to take them away, or other Cults such as John Deere owners, or who listen to Justin Queefer.
Here is a link to an inane essay written by one of his fellow travelers at University of Oregon.
Your tax/tuition dollars at work...

Click Here

If you don't want to click I can summarize it.
The USA is an oppressive state run by White Males and founded solely on Slavery. Slavery is perpetuated by the Prison system which only targets black folk. The issue of whether the USA is becoming a police state is bypassed in favor of a conspiracy theory of oppression only of Black People and Social Justice Warriors.

Have a nice Martin Luther King Dr. Junior day.
Don't forget to celebrate Jackson and Lee's birthdays later in the week.


  1. I didn't know they raised cotton in prisons.

  2. You actually read that whole document?
    Why? I might ask.
    Instead, You could have helped me get the JD dizzy installed in time for the Deere cult parade and combine burning meet.


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