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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday night

I'm tired.
I should be stacking at MuddyValley's farm.
But, I broke the stacker. I thought I was going to be stranded but I was able to bypass the safety lever and drive it home.
When you dump a stack you have to push the stacker out from under the stack. There are push off feet which are powered by long hydraulic cylinders. They stick through the bed. You can't put the bed down with the push off feed extended. This is the second time this year I have done it.
I think it is due to my hydraulic problem that I can't find anyone to fix. I think the push off feet extended while I was putting the bed down.
Because after I bent the right side one into a pretzel and removed it. The bed would not come down because it thought the push off foot was extended.
Plus, I know i heard the two clunks that let you know they have retracted.
I should have gone back. But I was so frustrated and tired I just gave up. But I can't sleep.
I think today, Saturday, June 28. 2015 is the day I officially hate farming. Not just the usual grumpy annoyed farmer thing. No, hatred, pure and simple hatred.
I am almost done with hay. It is crappy over ripe hay due to the 100 degree temperatures.
My mower died, my neighbor came to help and killed his mower, I borrowed another mower and the the fuel gauge showed full for two days and now it is out of diesel.
I am finally in the same field as the baler.
As my helper was blowing off the baler I discovered the frame was broken.
The truck showed up to haul my hay.
My daughter stayed to help rake but had to go home and babysit grampa and pack for camp.
My helper refused to tow the baler home with my pickup. (long story)
Took helper and pick up home. Welded frame, while inspecting weld I discover that four out of eight plunger bearings have completely failed.
My brother found six used bearings that Dad had rat-holed twenty years ago.
Helper and brother pull plunger.
Neighbor shows up with baler and tractor. He is going to help me bale.
I take stacker to MuddyValley.
Neighbor's back is killing him.
I run baler instead of stacker.
He keeps the moisture tester.
Brother and helper fix baler. The baler shows up with four rows left. I look at moisture tester, it is reading high.
Finish field anyway. There are supposed to be thundershowers.
At nine p.m. I think have enough stacking for four hours.
I break the stacker at 10:50 pm,
I will never get Muddy Valley baled.
There are still more things that can break. Perhaps we will see them all....
If I only had a confederate flag to fly. I know that annoys all the people I hate so perhaps that would be worthwhile.


  1. you may be the only person who breaks more stuff than i do. i almost got another hose and technically the handle for the pushmower (that i'm not supposed to be using) went winging off. i havent told my husband about it yet. you have the heat and we have your weather - it's like fall here or a certain portside city under the marine layer... without the seagulls.

  2. This seems to be a bad time for everybody. Maybe it's the phase of the moon.

  3. Makes me almost afraid to head out to the hayfield with my nearly 40 year old New Holland haybine. 5 miles from home is where things usually decide to break down.

  4. It's supposed to rain at 8 am... Do I go stack? Move stuff into the barn? Find MuddyValley's booze stash? Go to church? Go poop? Go blind? I just don't know!


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