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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another potentially awesome day!

I knew yesterday would be wonderful and so it was!
I rebuilt the a/c blower in the stacker after it failed in 91 degree weather instead of 94 degree weather!
I tested it twice...
When I installed it it sucked instead of blowing.
This was good! I removed the cover on the other side of the blower, (now called the sucker) and I had REVERSE circulation! Like reverse osmosis only with air! Yea!
And then Teddy called me that the rear tire on the baler/raker/mower tractor (only tractor we have left with 1000 rpm PTO) had deflated.
This was a good thing!
It did not deflate on HWY 99W in the middle of Amity!
It deflated right next the the highway so perhaps all these people with 2.5 acre fields that want me to do their hay will figure out why I don't return their calls.
Those almost new GoodYear Titans were junk anyway and would have failed. Might as well get it over with now.
Plus, this will give time for my daughter's sunburn to heal. No more raking for a week!
It's a great life!
Edit: More reasons to be happy! If that tire wouldn't have blown I be just a hay-cuttin fool. Zipping up and down 99w cutting half acre patches and putting the really little guys to shame!
When I took the a/c out of the stacker I found my missing snickers bar!
I lost it only five years ago. It has been just out of reach ever since. Bet it will go good with one of those random cups of coffe I see setting around!

Update #3
Should not have eaten that snickers. Or was it the coffee?


  1. gosh i'm glad you found that. what a great day!

  2. Actually, it might have been a good thing if it had deflated in the middle of Amity.(all 500 feet of it) They need to realize that it was a mistake to neck down the road there.

  3. Serenity now!. Seinfeld reference that will not make much sense if you are not a fan of the series.

  4. That's not a pull date on the Snickers wrapper. It's shoot and bury.

  5. Should have saved it. In another 95 years it would be an antique & worth a bundle.


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