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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It will be another great day!

The temperature is going to drop but no rain!
I am so fortunate as last night, just as the temperature dropped, the air conditioning fan on the stacker filled the cab with aromatic smoke. This also was a benefit as the smoke should have killed all the funny moths that are hatching in the cab filter!
It was also good fortune that we found out why the power take off on the MM G1355 failed and the mower plugged up. After my brother worked very hard rebuilding the PTO in one day, I hooked the mower to the tractor (actually I hooked the tractor to the mower) and gave it a try.
Horrible grinding noises ensued.
This was good because it frightened away the annoying doves and caused the coyotes to hide.
It is also fortunate that it is the bearing on the bottom roll with the pulley and gearbox in the way because we needed to learn how to take the mower apart.
Now I am going to go stack perfect hay for my neighbor who was able to cut his hay early. This is good because if I had good hay I would get all "high and mighty" and snub my neighbors. Cause that is just the way I am...
I think that later, I will improve my outlook by calling the guy who saves money by not fertilizing his hay field and who can't find anyone else to do his precious hay and tell him I am now another couple days behind.
Perhaps I'll also call MuddyValley and encourage him to smoke a cigar in what is now probably his field of straw.
Yup, I saw a TV special on having a positive attitude and I'm gonna have one!


  1. *OFG and Muddy takes bets on how long this new attitude will last. * But hey I have my "Life is Good" shirt on today so I'll be spreading optimism. You should get one and that will keep you positive.

  2. You need to add an "inspiring" tab for us reader to click right beside the interesting. I'm feeling reasonably positive too.(today)

  3. Are you positive about that attitude and how much did you insure the crop for? Anyway, I quit smoking 4 or 5 years ago. We could flood the field & raise crappy or sunfish. Crappy crops every year.


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