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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An interesting link that will waste a couple hours of your life...

My wife says going to sleep on the couch at 10 p.m. is almost the same as going to bed at 10 p.m. I am not so sure.
I found a link to this place on NAT. ( Here)
I was going to post asking for info on putting a military Hercules into a White tractor. Hopefully I would get detailed info.
Most likely I would get...
1. Why don't you buy a John Deere?
2. Why don't you put a Cummins in it?
3. Someone thinking it was the little engine in an Oliver and not the big engine in a 2-155/2-135
4. Commentary on the viability of White tractor is in the 21st century
5. Off subject but interesting stories of tractor pulling
6. Nothing at all because I have not been commenting on a regular basis.

But I got distracted by a guy who makes prank emails to people on craigslist. Very funny. I need a new hobby. I just need to figure out those proxy servers.

I was just explaining the fun of prank phone calls to my daughter's friends at her sleep-over. I suppose that was a bad idea. I did explain caller ID and how you needed to borrow someone else's phone.
I also taught them how to have an argument conversation by purposefully misunderstanding words and taking it personal. Thus, you keep getting angrier/more offended/whatever while the other person attempts to explain away their offense. We did a couple practice conversations.
I think I have made the world a better place for those efforts.
Have a nice day.


  1. If you don't teach them, who will?

    As for the tractor, buy a horse. Problem solved! Glad I could help.

  2. Thought about you Budde while watching a 2-105 sell at a farm auction on the weekend. It had a front end loader and looked good. Maybe I should have bought it.


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