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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My mistake gets even bigger....

Ok, so I bought a tractor. The 2-155 from Smith Grain and Cattle Company in Missouri. I linked to it a while back.
None of the neighbor's have figured it out. All Whites look alike to them. The CarQuest delivery guy notice right away.
I did not go and look at it before I bought it. However, I would not have caught the serious problems.
I got it for $20,000. It had a leak under the cab and the tin and the paint is not so good.
I called the guy and asked him if it used oil, had lots of blow-by, if the front end had been worked on. If you all remember it did have a new clutch, PTO, and FWA seals repaired and it ran great. In fact if it didn't sell he would keep it and use it next year.

No excessive use of oil--- USES three quarts a day. Bad head gasket.
New Clutch, Has a lot of free play but I haven't adjusted it yet.
New PTO, haven't used it
New Seals in the FWA-Right front leaks. I called him and he said they always leak in road gear.

I just discovered the right CV joint is out.  CV joints are $5,000 each. It did not fail in the last 100 hours.

There are more problems but that is all for today.

Called to see if Case-Credit would give me the service I would have go with my VISA card, or PayPal, or ebay. I found out no...

Did not call Mr. Smith. Don't really see the point. I am so screwed....

Have a nice day.

PayPal donations accepted, but just make them in $1,000 increments please.

Got to plant 20 acres today, don't really see the point in going after the other 2-155 which is a half hour away. The new 2-155 still runs. I just put it all back together and came in to sit a spell.


  1. I reckon that's why the Amish still use horses.

  2. That would drive a lesser man to drink, and to playing the banjo.

    Status: Dissolved.
    Filing Date: 01/31/1997
    Entity Type: Domestic General Business

    Yep. You're screwed.
    Too far away even to return and park it in his living room.


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