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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A reader sends in a very useful plan...

I think MuddyValley pretty well captured the essence of why I did not ask for help online.
However, I think it could work...
Have been looking at the GSA auctions for a Hercules. Found a Beaver. Have been trying to get rid of Beaver around here. Who knew the GSA had one from 1956.


  1. Does this mean that you'd need helium in your equipment tires?

  2. Well, I think I would certainly have to take off the front weights. Perhaps I could get a job direct-seeding wheat into the clouds, manna from heaven?

    1. It would help with that "getting stuck in the mud" problem.

  3. They are asking over $300,000.00 for their Beaver. Perhaps you should try selling some of yours. Mine seem to know when I'm around with a rifle. They have been talking to the starlings who are dropping about one per day, but they both seem to have an endless supply of replacements.


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