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Saturday, April 6, 2013

It is not left vs right or Republican vs Democrat, it is only absurdity.

If you want to be depressed.
Click here and look around for a while...
So let put the USA preparedness scheme into perspective.
We get the first successful terrorist attack on American soil. Ho does the gubment prepare for the future?
1. Instruct people what to do in case of a hi-jacking?
2. Start a civil defense program based what to do in case of an emergency, as in places to go in case of crisis, (on your own-not at the point of a gun) Or perhaps volunteer programs in local communities to practice and prepare of evacuations or food distribution or what to do with no electricity, you know basic stuff?
3. Actually control borders.
4. Stockpile emergency supplies in case of flood, fire, hurricane, terrorist attack?
5. Anything sensible?

What they did...
1. Homeland security? A police force that goes around annoying people, turning the USA into a police state, NOT actually stop a single terrorist.
2. Strange FEMA camps and they bought a lot of plastic coffins.
3. Sold guns to Mexican gangs
4. Stockpiled a billion rounds of ammo and bought APC's.
5. Gave huge grants to local fire departments to buy new fire trucks...
6. Fusion centers to collect information on people who are not really a threat to anyone but free coffee at Denny's but not to distribute supplies or information in case of an emergency.

What happened when there was a crisis?
Remember the last hurricane?
And now we find out everyone in authority lied about the radiation from the nuclear meltdown. A meltdown that is still going on.
And you all thought the guy who talked to aliens was insane!


  1. There you go, being logical again! Will you ever learn?

  2. And here I was upset about little things like the red cross charging for free donated blood and selling doughnuts and coffee during WW2 to my Fa in Law and the others when his ship landed. Thanks for ruining my day...week...year etc. Come on over & shoot some starlings with me. I also have a windmill we can throw lances at.

  3. You think that is crazy, try to point this out to the people you see every day and see if they care. I am more frustrated with the 47% that seem to surround me than the 3% that they voted into office.

    If people get the government they deserve what am I doing here?

    Grace and peace.

    1. Pumice, I think I am often in the wrong century

  4. Bill of Rights Summary of Current Status

    I have wanted for several months to compare the Bill of Rights to what is really going on in America

    I knew it was bad, but this makes it clear how bad. Here is the summary, and in the below links are the full texts of the amendments and the supporting information on how the amendments are being raped.

    Summary of the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 through 10)
    Amendment 1, Freedom of Speech, Raped
    Amendment 2, Guns, In process of Being Raped
    Amendment 3, Soldiers in Houses, Not applicable
    Amendment 4, Unreasonable Search and Seizure, Raped
    Amendment 5, Without Due Process of Law, Raped and Droned
    Amendment 6, Criminal Prosecutions, Raped
    Amendment 7, Right to Jury Trial, Raped
    Amendment 8, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, Raped and Tortured
    Amendment 9, You have all the rights that aren’t mentioned, No Data
    Amendment 10, State Hold all Power Except that Specifically Granted to Feds, Raped

    The full text of the Amendments and the rational basis for the judgement above are located here, please check it out and pass it on. What does it take to wake up the sheeple.

    1. Stock, thanks for your research. I have found your blog quite interesting. Of course I heard a lot of this on the local community radio station which is way left of center. It is getting pretty bad when people on opposite sides come to the same conclusion through different pathes.


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