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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More random Tuesday

I finished planting my 50 going on 60 acre field. The airline pilot fellow whose field I was planting is off flying somewhere. I think he said he was in Klamath Falls. I went down and looked at the field. It looked very wet. I thought about it for a few minutes. I have seven acres left, tomorrow it might rain, the next day it will rain. The ground has been worked and it is sticky, nasty, goey, and generally yuckie. However, I am not leaving ruts and if I raise the drill at little to reduce some of the down pressure and drive at around 7-8 mph the speed flings a lot of the mud off the press wheels. So... away I went! I got it done, plus he had another 2 acre section that turned into five acres that he wanted planted to timothy. I had timothy and orchardgrass with me and this section had not been worked, so I drilled it as well. Then I went home. It was 5 p.m. I didn't even make too much of a mess on the highway!

Then I attempted to fix the headlight in my wife's truck. She has a 1997 F-150, we did not buy it new. It was kind of a gift... Some of you my know just how low budget we are here.. The right hand head light was not so hard. It is a replaceable halogen bulb. They burn out on a pretty regular basis. I fixed the right hand one and then the left hand bulb burnt out. This is not so easy to replace. The water over flow tank for the radiator is in the way. You have to crawl underneath and reach up through the wheel well to change this bulb. The engineer who designed this and the manager who approved the design should each be retrofitted with these replaceable halogen bulbs-up the anal cavity.

Daughter's sore throat is gone. Nurse advised me to watch for more swine flu symptoms. Namely headache and high temperature.

I spent two hours washing the drill in the dark. It is muddy beyond belief. Three point quick hitch came down and pulled out wires to the monitor, broke a no-till opener, broke my seat, have wet fescue/orchardgrass/timothy mix in the drill box. Need to go get my pickup, need to move 15 miles to new field. Probably should go to bed!

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