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Friday, October 30, 2009

I hate television

There is no school on Fridays in our school district. My wife is not working mornings. I woke up late. I sitting in my chair eating my bannana for breakfast. Daughter is up working on a huge jigsaw puzzle and the TV is on. We only get public televsion which does cut the choices down. (This is a good thing.)
Sid the Science Kid is on. What an annoying show. Annoying voices, annoying computer generated clay annimation style graphics. Idiotic science, today it is about decaying bannanas. It is just loud and annoying, with an annoying kid as the lead. Just, noise, all noise. What about quiet?  What about sounds of a real child playing? I like to hear her make of silly songs, have the lego people talk to each other, whatever....
Last night we built a lego house. Sadie got a lego kit from her aunt and built two of the three houses. I wanted to build the third house. She didn't really want to. I started and then it turned out to be really tedious. She wouldn't let me stop. She told me to finish what I started. When I finished we used up al lthe extra pieces on the yard. We had more fun doing that then following the directions.
Today the sun is out. I'm going to plant!

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