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Thursday, October 22, 2009

How do you get stuff done?

There are people who farm a thousand acres, by themselves. How do they do it?
I don't really have that much to do but it all needs to be done at once.
Employee has gone into whatever strange mental state he goes into. Sleeping on his couch? I called him and he sounds pretty bad. Sore throat and the works. Probably the Obama influenza.
I'm supposed to do 60 acres of worked ground, plus 15 acres of pasture at one location. Then I move down 5 or 8 miles of narrow gravel roads, two hair raising miles on highway 22 and up the side of a minor mountian to do 60 more acres of pasture. Then 15-20 miles to Grand Island for possibly 90 acres, then back to two miles away from the mountian field for perhaps 50 acres, then another 5 miles of narrow roads, three tense miles of Hwy 18 to do perhaps 100+ acres for a fellow I know has not been paid for his grass seed, and then on the wrong side of sheridan for 20 acres, then if it has not rained too bad, my 15 acres of Timothy hay...
I need to get this done in two weeks... Not that many acres, it is the logistics.

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