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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day...

The family went to Tacoma to visit wife's sister. Daughter was pretty excited about the whole trip. Had been planned for a previous weekend but something came up. I don't really know. I don't always pay as much attention as is required.
I had planned to take wife to local cafe for the 2-for-price-of-one steak dinner special. She also wanted to see a movie. Something about someone not being that into something. I probably should have gone along as I think the brother-in-law is home. He is a nice guy. Feel a bit lonely today. Kind of like it also...
However, I think I should be planting.
I spent all day yesterday fooling around with the feed grinding business. Need to find a new flat-belt as the old one is coming apart.
I need to be getting the drill ready. Neighbor called yesterday and he did get the Roundup on the field. Noted some standing water however...
I have been thinking about traveling to the coast to visit my friend Mel. Seems like a long drive without my daughter's enthusiasm to keep me going. He lives right across from the Seal Rock wayside park.
I'm looking out the window and the sun is shining bright. There was a heavy frost this morning so I could actually be planting. Until the frost turns to muddy soup. This constant freezing and thawing is pushing our newly planted alfalfa right out of the ground. Same thing with the shallow rooted medium ryegrass. As usual, I will have a lot of replanting on our own place.
My brother signed us up for 60 acres of barley. Don't know the variety. Possibly, another 20 of kanota oats. Poor yield good price, I think around $320/ton. I have hints of a possible sale of 40 acres of oat hay. Have to decide if I should go with Cayuse oats, which I know will grow well but be a bit coarse stemmed, or buy expensive Magnum oats, which would be better for forage.
I try to mow my oat hay before the milk stage. If possible in that stage where bloom is almost done. Perhaps just a hint of milk. I don't get the tonnage but the oats are much greener. The goal is the horse hay market anyway. Should have more energy also.
I have the drill parked in the barn. Need to change fluids in the tractor and clean out the cab. The drill needs to be greased, needs the new fertilizer tubes installed, and I need to mount my hydraulic flow control somewhere. I may have ordered automatic rate controller from Micro-Trak. I'm not sold on it. Probably will cost just under $1,000. Don't know it if is worth it.
Have been thinking about setting new planting rates. Either sticking with $26/acre and no fertilizer options, (just pulling the tank and everything) or $26 without liquid and $30 with. Everyone else is at $30. I have a hard time charging that much.
Phone just rang. It is my enthusaistic former employee who wants to be a farmer. He is all set to grind feed and look at farm equipment. Foolish young man.

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