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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little things go wrong

It is amazing. I can't get anything done. Almost new drill and finally have a good tractor. But, still the little things go wrong. This morning I was ready to go but developed a hydraulic leak on the valve that runs the fertilizer pump. Thought it would be a simple O ring but that didn't help.
I have four customers to plant for. I follow a first come first served schedule unless there are too many miles between jobs.
Yesterday I checked fields. The first on the list field was too wet. Second on the list didn't have seed. Third on the list is 20 acres 20 miles away. Fourth on the list is on the way to third on the list and he has 50 acres that is ready. But, his seed company did not bring him the seed. So, I called second on the list. He said he would be ready and he is close.
But, then I when I tested the fertilizer pump and boom on the drill, it started leaking. I put one of the sections together wrong. Of course it took me a while to figure out... Then I found a broken bolt that keeps the hydraulic cylinders in line on the drill. Then the electric shut off valve started leaking. Then, there was a hydraulic leak. So, I didn't get to the field until 11:30 today. Then I forgot to top off the diesel tank and since White tractors have pathetically small fuel tanks I had to go after fuel.
I did almost 50 acres. I would have gotten done tonight but I developed a major hydraulic leak-under the cab! Glad it was not hot weather as there is nothing like vaporized hydraulic oil to start a fire! I thought the fog of hydraulic oil in the lights was just fog coming off the field. I even got off and looked. Finally I stopped with the tractor running at high rpm, and I found the leak.
I didn't feel like ripping out the cab floor tonight.
I could take the 2-135 over. It is not 4wd though. Main problem is that now I have GPS, a seed monitor, automatic electric valve that shuts off when you lift drill, I need an extra valve for the fertilizer pump, so by the time I wire it, and plumb in my "add-a-valve" I might as well just fix the 2-155. If everything would work I might be able to get this 150 acres, made up of 50 acre fields 10 miles apart, done by Saturday? Don't think so...

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