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Thursday, February 26, 2009


The weatherman was right! Snow on the valley floor by morning! Sure enough... Daughter coughed all night. She has problems with congestion frequently. We had her tested for allergies. Spent a lot of money and no real results.
Congestion started when her and her mom spent weekend with aunt who has a dusty house. Then got worse when she went to my brother's house after school. Brother and family live with Dad in the big old farmhouse. The fireplace was smoking pretty bad. Then at church on Sunday we had the same problem. Have a fireplace at church. (We meet in the activity center of a rest home) I think it was Tuesday that she had a stomach ache and missed morning of school. Did make it in time for the chicken nugget lunch.
So today she has a bad cough. Last night none of us got much sleep because of it. Not sure what I am going to do. I've got another feed order! As the Jeffersons used to say, "Movin on Up!"


  1. All right comments now work!
    As Bud Clark used to say, "Whoop! Whoop!"
    Are you referring to the snow or does your front yard have lots rusty farm implements left in it as well?

  2. Yeah, turned out Blogspot/Google don't like the browser I use, Camino. So how many weeks has it taken me to try Firefox? I may not have been the laziest farmer but I can get stubborn with the best of 'em.

    Snow. Yep. Rusty stuff. Yep. Knock 20 degrees Fahrenheit off your total and you is us.


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