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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Messing with the kids head

I know this has to be wrong on some level but sometimes it seems I just can't help myself.
Daughter and I got in an argument a couple years ago, when she was 4 or 5? Had to do with toys coming to life when you are asleep or gone. I said yes she said no.
So, when she is sleeping or at school I move the Barbies around. Sometimes they get up and have tea. Sometimes they go hang out with my old cowboys. Once they were found having a picnic with cowboys under the kitchen table. (My wife may have been involved in that one.) This tragic legoland accident my have the last straw.
The other day I came in from lunch to find the lego castle and a very impressive scratch built motorhome sitting on the kitchen island. So, there was a tragic accident. Motor home ran over the motorcycle. Knights (who moonlight as paramedics) rushed from the castle to save the accident victim.
That evening when I got home the accident was mentioned. I said that one should have a talk with the lego figure about driving safely while one is at school.
The daughter informed me that I was not fooling anyone. 1, Toys do not come alive at night or when no one is home. 2. You are the one doing all of this messing with my toys. 3. The reason Bruce R. moved here from New Zealand was not because he got tired of always sliding against the wall (cause of the round earth theory). 4. I have the weirdest dad in the world...

I have been told...

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