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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday morning

I really need to get to work. Have 40 acres to plant. Guy as already called me and I didn't answer my phone. It is 8:30. The problem is that this fellow wants a specific answer. The answer is, well it may be too sticky to plant. If called on to quantify this I would say there is an 75% chance that it is too wet, but I will probably do it anyway because I want to get the job done. No, I will not do it on Sunday. Plus we will have to get into the whole issue of the seed rate.
They added up the number of bags left and the number of acres I planted and say I'm only planting at 100lbs vs 120lbs. I have a population monitor on 8 of the 24 rows on the drill. The monitor says 1.1 to 1.4 million seeds per acre. I also checked my rate with a bucket and scales. Plus, I kept track of the bags and acres. I know I'm not less than 110lbs. When I was planting cayuse at 110 I was at 980,000 seeds per acre. I'm betting 1.2 million seeds will do the trick.
I just answered the phone. Yes, I was right. So, off to work I go...
Photo is from thursday. Before and after. No-tilling Kanota oats into dead fescue sod!
I want to go back to bed. Perhaps another couple cups of coffee will get me going. I need banjo music in my tractor. Or one of those back massager seat covers.

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