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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Photographic proof that faeries exist outside of the LGBT community

MuddyValley can be such a poopie-bottom. Doesn't believe in Elves or Faeries... (see comments on previous post) Doesn't accept that the "wee folk" could be bringing me pie in exchange for all those 1/2" and 9/16" SK sockets that have gone missing from my pockets. (I'm pretty sure the Elven community has not switched from Whitworth thread and so the 1/2" is in great demand as it corresponds to a similar Whitworth size.)
However, years ago I did see photos of Faeries and after some exhausting online research which resulted in my need to delete all cookies and browsing history I found photographic proof! (As opposed to the pornographic proof-how do they do that stuff! Really bendy!!!)-but I digress...
CLick this link to see a photography of a fairy hovering in front of a girl. I know it is real because 1. The photo is black and white, 2. It was taken a long time ago when people didn't lie.  3. I choose to believe it is true.
I say to those who don't believe in Elves, they should just go way back and sit down! With some biotech wheat, but not eat it, cause it is bad for you....
Who knows just what you would get should you try to summon a nymph in the light of the full moon, in a field of bio-engineered barley!!!
In other news....

Must NOT forget to pick my wife up at the airport at 6:30 today. Or was it 6:30? Was that a.m. or p.m.? brother is the only one in the family working. He swathed ryegrass all night whilst his brother was lazy... There is no justice in this world...


  1. What more proof could anyone want?

  2. Well, that image makes a pretty strong argument. It does say that it has been examined and proven unretouched. The fairy does have a 1920's hair style.
    Fairies may be the explanation of what happened to all your missing socks. Especially the Argyle ones.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Al I have to say to you folks is, "all who wander are not lost," and "you can't hug a kid with nuclear arms."
    THen there was this joke about a guy who found a leprechaun and the hijinks that followed and the punchline was, "you're 21 years old and still believe in leprechauns," but it is a rather rude joke and I can't tell it here. Of course now I've completely ruined the joke and am way off subject. Oh well...
    I think that elk at muddy valley is actually Rudolf with a glowing nose practicing for Christmas with is only six months away.

  5. Don't be-little my elk friends.

  6. Aren't Fairies little people who work in the circus?


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