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Thursday, June 27, 2013


I have close to 200 acres of grass hay to do. It should be done before the 4th of July. On top of that, I have another150 acres to stack for the neighbors.
We are also swathing annual ryegrass, irrigating corn, and should be combining Meadow Foxtail.
So when I was looking for a flashlight to take under the house to check out the dripping insulation, I get a call from the neighbor who has 50 acres of second cutting ryegrass to mow.
He really should be at the end of the list as he is the newest customer.
The guy who cut the hay previously made a big deal of "giving me his customer."
My attitude is kind of bad.
I have enough to do and it is sometimes hard to not relate the joke about the little boy who went fishing with his grandpa.
Grandpa stops at the store for beer and chew and gets junior an icecream.
They get going and junior bugs him for a chew,
Grandpa says to Junior,
Sure you can- But only when your @#$% reaches your )(*&^
Junior is a little miffed but shuts up.
They get out on the lake and Grandpa cracks open an ice cold beer.
Junior asks for a drink.
Grandpa says to Junior,

Sure you can- But only when your @#$% reaches your )(*&^
Junior is a little peeved.
THey don't catch any fish, they head home.
They stop at the store and Grandpa offers to buy Junior an ice cream.
Junior says no he wants a lottery ticket.
Grandpa buys it.
Junior turns out to be a winner!
Grandpa asks Junior to share...
Junior says,
I don't know Grandpa Does your @#$% reaches your )(*&^?
Grandpa says,
WHy yes junior it does!!!!
And Junior says...
"Well then Grandpa, Go $%^& your self..."
(Sort of hard to tell a dirty joke and keep the PG rating...)
But it explains how I feel about doing hay.
They always love you when they need you....

On the other hand, MuddyValley brought me coffee and fixed my window.... Does he want something? Is there any real charity left in this world. He is probably after my Legendary Stardust Cowboy bright pink colored vinyl album. Collectable that is!!!


  1. Yes, I have an ulterior motive. it would make a good high viability clay pigeon.

  2. There's an old say, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Even as a little kid, I realized that there's both a positive and a negative way to interpret the saying. I always took it the negative way, probably due to personal experience. As for MV, I think he's onto something!

  3. MuddyValley, when I bought my first ledgendary Stardust Cowboy album many years ago, I passed over the yellow vinyl version for the bright pink version. I see the Yellow version which looks like an old children's record from teh 50's is listed for $600 on ebay. No mention of the pink album.

    Gorges, There is also a quotation, "I have no friends but my dog..."


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