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Friday, April 5, 2013

This post will self destruct in 48 hours

I was trying to buy an engine for my tractor. I found an interesting fellow on ebay with three Hercules engines out of military trucks.
All went well, I got lots of important information and good advice. The fellow is actually coming  to Oregon and will deliver the engine.
But he made an off hand comment about his computer being “taken apart by the gubment.”
And I bit…
I was thinking, there is no what in heck this guy is going to admit to an obscession for Traci Lords, the early years.
Turns out if is even more amazing.
He said in 1958 he was an airman working with nuclear weapons. There were problems. Things were done incorrectly .
He caught the mistake and prevented the detonation of a nuclear bomb in the USA. I missed part of what he said but he was also involved in what I think was a security exercise where he, along with a fellow airman, stole several nuclear devices from under the very nose of the guards.
This lead to several reviews where certain officers hated him but his commanding officer rated him very highly and kept recommending him for promotions.
Turns out he was just the guy they were looking for. The USAF was embarking on a project to make contact with, extra-terrestrials.
There are many inhabited planets out there. Most of them have much more advance civilizations that we have.
It got to a point where there were negotiations between the extra-terrestrials and we were going to have to either give them something or go to war.
He implied that he went on an exchange program with the extra-terrestrials and found them quite interesting.
About that time in the conversation I could hear his wife in the background telling him to be quiet and eat his lunch.
So he cut out quite a bit of the interesting stuff and got back to the gobment and his computer.
Turns out the gubment  needed some info or advice and they contacted him again. He started researching the program again and discovered that the war in Iraq was to recover a cache of information left by the ancients and the extra-terrestrials. He was able to use his contacts to view this information online.
It was all quite interesting. Some documents were just things like shopping lists but others were much more interesting. He would stay up till the wee hours of the morning and read this stuff, much to the annoyance of his longsuffering wife.
The gubment discovered his intrusion and sent a virus which wiped out his computer, along with much of his ebay records and Windows 98 which was his favorite version of Window. His computer repairman had never seen anything like it.
He also related other interesting events to me, which I will not publish at this time.
However, we will have faster than light travel by 2060 and good will prevail.
Woe to those who live in the cities.

Anyway, I had a very enjoyable time talking with him. Spent a couple hours on the phone. I am going to call him back. Somewhat unsure about buying the engine from him. I really want to go visit him.
I have never met anyone who has a first hand encounter with aliens. It is always, a guy I knew, or my friend's friend. 
I am thinking of inviting him to read this blog.
I am trying to come up with a plan to get him to tell me more but not have him think I am making fun of him. I'm not. I think this is all absolutely fascinating. 
I don't really believe it, but that doesn't mean I am putting him down or laughing at him. I think he believes it and I respect that. It is just that I live for these kinds of stories.
When I was a kid the old bachelor plumber that lived down the road used to tell stories about being in the OSS. It was so cool. I never really believed him as I thought it all came from cheap spy novels but I enjoyed the stories. Of course I never really believe anything unless you are from Missouri and are selling me a tractor.
So this post is a little tidbit for my regular readers and I'm taking it down tomorrow.

I'm thinking of some questions to ask him.


  1. Please examine before paying. The engines may have come from the same place that those NOS shipping crate, Willys MB Jeeps came from. Somebodys delusions. It might be a good idea to talk to his wife.

  2. You do meet some interesting people Budde. Glad I got in to read this before it self destructs. It helps take my mind off the new snow that is falling on top of the old snow from November that has not melted yet.

  3. What MValley said.

    Is my drive gonna go up white smoke?

  4. Glad I caught it before it was gone. Are the engines coated in cosmoline?

    I had to google Traci Lords.....


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