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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It is raining

I have been replanting wheat with the no-till drill.
It is a little depressing as the neighbor just hired me to replant a field of wheat to oats. The wheat field that he sprayed out looks better than the wheat field I am replanting sections of.
I was going to ask my brother if we had decided to plant wheat or flax or barley or oats in the sections of the ryegrass field that drowned out. Or that was consumed by Geese who are from Canada and probably use the metric system and are socialists.
However, my brother was not at the shop and since I got in trouble yesterday from my Uncle for getting mud on the driveway, and not really feeling like I am 16 years old, I came to the house to warm up some coffee and see if the strange comments I posted on the Contrary Farmer got a response.
Then it started pouring down rain.
The house is dark and quiet, other than the rain hitting the tin roof of the porch. I can hear the clock ticking somewhere and the chickens clucking happily on the porch.
I am suppose to shoe them off but it is a losing battle. Unconfined chickens tend to make a mess.
I fixed myself some eggs and toast.
I was in the process of filling out an application for a night janitor job at a local college. I then realized I would have to work there for the next decade so that my daughter could get free tuition. But, then if I waited ten years they wouldn't hire me as I'd be too old, but who says they would hire me now. I haven't had a real job in 20 years.
Perhaps some optimistic millionaire will hire me to provide a negative balance to their eternal optimism. Now that would be a great job.


  1. I can't conceive of a more boring job than night janitor in a small school. Your brain will fry.
    When did you get chickens?

    1. That would be the point, boring.
      About the time my wife built a chicken tractor.

  2. well i came over here to comment on your comment over at Gene's...

    re: "I have a lot of problems when it is overcast."

    you, sir, are my hero! thanks for keepin' the pot stirred.

    re that job - my hubby did a similar job at a local school. kept him out of trouble and he listened to a lot of books on tape. he honestly didnt mind very much. two things: a) people are full of pestilence so i sprayed him down with lysol when he came home. 2) the main reason we were glad he left that job was b/c there were a lot of school activities at nite - sometimes the crowd could be kind of rough.

    keep the faith, friend.

    1. Thanks farmgirl. Sometimes i just start typing randomly and I forget that I'm on Gene's blog.
      As for the job. I don't actually get the application filled out. I don't want a job.
      I do like books on tape and I was thinking I could load up my iPod type device and push a broom all evening and not think. For the next decade.

  3. Boring can be good if it gives you time to let your mind wander elsewhere.

    1. My mind wanders anyway. Job has health insurance. I just have to actually finish the application.

  4. Some of those feathered metric socialists are starting to show up here in the frozen north. And while it is usually a sign of spring, I think they too have been fooled by the calendar. In fact it is still January here and any large body of water is well buried beneath a thick layer of ice. The Glacier still rules in Sask. as of April 10.


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