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Saturday, October 6, 2012

I still have not decided which disk to buy

I decided to just borrow a disk and not make any major decisions. 
Well, I am now deciding on buying a small woodstove for in the house or this outdoor woodstove which has a duct that goes through the wall. I can't decide. I think I will go obsess about vintage stereo for a while.
Or wonder if I can spray carbon with my Great Plains drill and not plug up my fertilizer boom. I could buy these but they cost $150 per row. (if you want to see them click on "band spray kits) Or I could build something myself. Or I could take up bicycle riding!

We baled Alfalfa October 4th? This is Oregon, you don't bale in October here!

This is our corn field. Some of it was good and some was not as good and some we will not discuss.

This was the worst of the neighbor's corn field. This year I did love the three row header!
It would seem that the $60 a bag corn does not have quite the genetics that the $200 a bag corn has... We miss the days where there was a choice in non GMO corn varieties!


  1. Spraying carbon? Do you have to buy carbon credits to do that? :-)

  2. Ralph, I should get carbon credits for doing it. I'm planting fescue on 21" rows for grass seed. You spray a band of carbon over the seed row and the carbon absorbs the chemical that you are using to kill the weeds coming up between the fescue rows. Perhaps a region-specific practice.

  3. Life DOES get complicated; doesn't it?

  4. Trying to picture the lazy farmer with his rocker pulled up to an outdoor stove.

  5. Most of the crops are off in this area, except for canola. The guys are having trouble getting the green out of it. All season the barley crops looked great, but unfortunately yields are down. The experts say our July heat wave hit most crops in a vulnerable stage coming out of the boot and full heads did not form. Canola and wheat yields seem about average.

    1. Same thing happened to corn at pollination stage here. Some not quite filled out ears.
      On the other hand we baled alfalfa October 4th.
      Interesting weather!


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