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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I listened to talk radio yesterday

I miss Savage. He told interesting stories to break up the politics...
Listened to Beck and Larsen.
I must say I prefer Jeff Beck...

The lack of coverage of the abandonment of the US Ambassador to Libya and those who attempted to rescue him reminds one of previous events.
It was a boat on a listening mission and it was a set up.
And the cover up continues the same today as it did back then...
Of course it could all be election year spin-in both directions.
Here is what I found at the Huffington Post. Interesting view. The father of T.W. who called Lars Larsen certainly sounded like he know what was going on.
I think it is funny to describe Lars Larsen as "fringe," and "hate speach." I guess I don't need to laugh at myself for calling BHO a "communist" any longer.


  1. Take away their respective religions, turbans & yarmulkes, and they all look the same, pretty much have the same ancestry and culture, and are all still fighting tribal wars and vendettas that started centuries ago.
    Why do we continue to flood them with money. arms, and the lives of our citizens.

  2. I don't watch TV or listen to radio. I get all MY news from guys like YOU!

    1. Gorges, that is probably not a good idea. It would give you the idea that all farmers drive old tractors, are going broke, and listen to the Legendary Stardust cowboy. These thinks are not true.

  3. A lot of other folk still do.


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