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Friday, April 1, 2011

Who would have thought?! I really am sick!

I went to the doctor yesterday. This is a new doctor. My wife found him.
He turned out to be quite good. He sat on his little Dr. chair with a laptop and asked me all the right questions and tapped away at this keyboard. Then he asked me more questions relating to things I had said earlier. Then he checked my ears, eyes, nose, and throat. Back to the computer.
Then he says I have infection in both ears and one eye. I wonder if he had some sort of flow chart set up on his computer? Seemed much more efficient than scribbling on a pad. He emailed my prescriptions to the pharmacy of my choice and I was out of there. Cost me $60 cash.
He was wearing a Kilt. He has somewhat knobby knees.
I kept wanting to steer the subject onto first prize awards but I resisted. He has probably heard the joke about the drunken scottsman.
I wanted to ask him if he celebrated St. Patrick's day as the room was green, but thought that was to obscure.
In the end I discovered I didn't really care.
The fellow has an interesting business plan.
He has two clinics in two towns five miles apart. The clinic I went to is in an old logging community, sort of the last town before you head into the coast range. He is open late in the evening and on Saturdays. He gets a lot of seniors and working class folks. I'm not sure he is getting rich but he seems to be really busy.
After my first visit I would rank him up there with the old plugger with the thick glasses I used to have.


  1. Apparently most physicians, clinics and hospitals have gone with laptops. Takes the place of those fat manilla folders with your medical history. They don't ask your name, just your birthdate and your insurance acc' the computer won't become confused, I guess. Dunno about the kilt thing,
    but there are a couple of hot nurses....

  2. Sorry your feeling sick. Hope you get better.
    Glad to hear you found a Dr. taking new patients.
    So did you like the kilt? Gonna get you one now??
    You'd be the only farmer in town with one.

  3. At least it wasn't a little black dress. I just hate it when men show their cleavage.

  4. BB-There were nice nurses... Which may be different from what you were meaning.

    Bobby, No kilt. It seems strange to wear your ethnicity. If I were from Holland should I wear clogs? I do wear my farmer hat everywhere but that is to cover up the bald spot. I guess I really don't care. People wear short pants all the time, but I don't.

    Gorges, I would not go to a cross dressing doctor. There is just no way. The kilt is fine. I watched Highlander a couple times. But a guy in a dress makes me giggle and cringe all at the same time. Gay people generally don't bother me. But a guy who is a guy but yet is pretending to be a girl is just a big joke.


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