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Friday, April 29, 2011

Our tax dollars at work. They are all morons but think they are saving the world

Why is it the most dangerous drug in the country is raw milk? Probably because they know the Amish won't shoot back.
Click here to see the Fed's brave and clever plan to keep Amish from smuggling raw milk to Washington DC.
Note: I think it is crazy to drink raw milk but if you agree to the risks you should be able to do it...


  1. "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no health benefit from raw milk that cannot be obtained from pasteurized milk."

    Now there's a bare-faced lie!

    Incidentally, I grew up on raw milk until about age ten and I don't recall any of us having problems from it.

  2. And the insanity continues. I only hope they are directing equal amounts of manpower and money towards stopping the sale and use of illicit drugs.
    On the other hand, seeing as I drank "raw" cows milk for the first years of my life maybe now I know what to blame my health problems on. Receding gums and hairline, near sightedness and arthritis and a few others that my failing memory can't recall. Maybe its all that cows milk I drank years ago.

  3. I've been to a few very nasty dairies in my day. The idea of raw milk makes me queasy. But, I see no need for a SWAT raid on people who drink it.
    It is pretty crazy that you can buy heroin on the streets of Portland and meth on the streets of Amity but you can't have an Amish guy bring you a gallon of milk with his buggy... Or in a van driven by a non-Amish guy!

  4. Yeah.... it is lots insanity. I think it is not safe for our health. Better to avoid!

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