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Friday, April 1, 2011

Movies at Cafe Saturday at 6 p.m.

I hatched a clever plan to find out what time I had agreed to show movies at the cafe. I took the daughter to the Cafe for Clam Chowder. She is quite fond of the stuff and my lovely wife is away at a "woman's retreat," which I suppose is the opposite of a woman's advance. Whatever...
ANYway, there was a sign posted in the window that advertised movie night with Gene Autry and Woodie Woodpecker. Showtime is 6 p.m.
I expect to be served free pie but everyone else has to pay.
It will either be "The Man from Music Mountain" or "The Singing Vagabond." I'm going to have to preview them to make sure I don't have reel 2 of 4 or something...
We are previewing Woody Woodpecker right now.


  1. If gas wasn't so derned high, I might drop in myself!

  2. I don't know about this Gene Autry. I would rather just have an evening of Farmer Alfalfa and Woody Woodpecker shorts.

  3. Muddy, I really don't know. There should be Popcorn. I'm not sure how the logistics will work. I guess people will be having dinner. They make good milkshakes and there is pie.

    Gorges, It would be a very long drive for 145 minutes of old movies.

  4. Thank God someplace to go on Saturday night.
    Bar hopping or movies at the Cafe. What an easy

  5. Actually I think it wold be better if the Cafe brought five gallons of hot chocolate and a load of pies and we watched movies on the great white barn. The Blue Goat could bring cake.
    However, the weather and the audience are quite unpredictable.
    Plus the hipster and the farmers would comingle and pretty soon all the folks in the back row would be swillin wine and smokin' dope and the tea totalers in the middle would be offended and someone would stomp on the daffodils and the delicate balance nature would be upset...
    It is always best not to mix genres. That is why Bruce Genre lost the Olympics in 1972.

  6. I don't know budde, Seems like cartoons, hot chocolate, pie and a joint kind of go together traditionally!
    Might make for an interesting time. And it's always fun to offend some of the people some of the time.

  7. Careful, If you're caught tapping the admiral in the wrong crowd you might be sent to Coventry!

  8. Pass the pop corn. The show must go on.
    Don't know which will be better. The barn or the back row.

  9. How did you get the still picture of Woody & the Walrus?

  10. The show seemed to be a success. I am a this point completely deaf in one ear so I had no idea about the sound.
    I saw no evidence of the admiral being tapped.
    Popcorn would have been good, but I can't eat it as it gets my fingers greasy and I may get it on the film.
    When I was previewing the film last night I took the photo with my Fuji digital camera. It is really bright on a white foam core board and ten feet away. I took about 10 photos and that is the only one that turned out. Then I discovered I had it set to mimic 200 ASA film.


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