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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I quit

A long time friend wants me to help him with his produce business in Virginia from now till December. I wonder if my brother would notice I was gone? I wonder if I could sell a $40,000 no-till drill in a week, and a $30,000 stacker and a $5,000 Allen V-rake. Everything else is paid for. I wonder if I would want to come back?


  1. Produce business as in growing it? That's still farming. Only good thing about trading your headaches in to try on someone else's is that you wouldn't own them.

    Pick your eastbound Burlington Northern box car carefully, some of those iron wheels aren't perfectly round. Mud doesn't have a three month half-life in Virginia. By law sun shines down on the corn liquor stills and the state fragrance is smoked ham...Hey, two sandwiches and a banjo and I'm in!

  2. I say go for it, it will give your family a break from that "cowboy music" and I am sure you
    will appreciate being here much more when you return...remember "the grass is always greener
    on the other side of the fence" or I cried
    because I had no shoes until I met a man with no
    feet" Still under the influence of drugs or just a bad day?

  3. The only difference I see is that you will be repairing somebody else's tractor. Of course the produce will taste better than the hay from here.
    Lets all go. I'll bring my 5 string too. I could use some practice. It's been a long time. Collieguy could give me some lessons. I'd have to bring my dog though.

  4. I see you have new tags on the Studebaker so I guess you're all set. Or were you gonna catch the Williamina Wobbler as races through Ballston?

  5. He must have left. Hope he took an extra set of points for the Studebaker and took the bus route.

  6. The Blue Goat people must have found him.

  7. Hey Muddy V, let's load the banjos, bring our dogs and git up a posse...


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