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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Movie Night at the Great White barn

We have only lived here at the family farm for a year. There was an old house here which had been hit by a tree. It took a while to get rid of it. So we put our manufactured home where there was room. The problem was that two years ago the neighbor put up a huge straw barn right across the road. So, the view out the back door is a huge white barn.
So, I bought a 16mm projector and started showing movies on the side of the barn. I was looking for more movies this morning. My daughter is sick and home from school. I found Fritz Lang's Metropolis on ebay. Now I never pay more than $50 for a movie as I don't have a lot of free $$$ floating around. In fact most of my movies are $10 ebay finds that no one bids on. Films we have seen, Using fire extinguishers the correct way, Mr. Magoo, Woody Woodpecker, (My favorites) Farmer Alfalfa and the Mechanical Cow, and various surplus school films. I did splurge on a Gene Autry- The man from Music Mountain. And an old TV show, "Surfside Six."
But, Metropolis! Now that would be pretty cool on the side of a barn. I was outbid at $120. It sold for $350!!!!
I think I bought "Fury of the Pagans", (oops) and "WC Fields THe Dentist."
It is pretty funny when cars drive by and see the movie on the barn. Barn is across the road from the house. Sometimes they stop and watch... But, we always get brake lights.


  1. I personally think your use of the big white barn is an asset to our community ... and your social life. Proper use of fire extinguishers is a neglected area of study and I appreciate your dedication to our safety education. Mr. Magoo was not my favorite ... I preferred the bit on beavers personally; I'm still marveling over the tail flapping! That was an amazing use of special effects! Though I am sure "Metropolis" would have had a nice turn out, "Fury of the Pagans" will be a definite crowd pleaser and is a much better use of your money. Go Pagans!

    I also read your blog on messing with kids ... a personal favorite activity of mine - the messing with kids part as I'm not much of a blogger. Was the Lego motor home accident followed by a funeral? You really should give that guy a proper burial. Also, try using small toys to spell messages on the carpet or bed... important stuff like, "Toy Rights!" or "Fair Wages!" or "Acknowledgment!"

  2. I am afraid Revenge of the Pagans may be a touch over the top...
    I have been paid back with the whole toy thing as she is now messing with my toy collection and claiming that they are moving when i am not looking.
    S. is smarter than I. I have created a monster!!!
    She was sick this morning but recovered in time for lunch as they were having chicken nuggets and that is her favorite lunch.
    I have no idea what is going on in her head!!!


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