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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cat Stole my Chair

I came in a little early from work this evening. Wife and daughter are at some church thing. A mother and daughter evening tea. Has a chocolate fountain and they will sing Kariokie or how ever the $%^&* you spell it. Much too modern for me. I inquired as to why there was not a Polka band and opined that cavorting naked in the chocolate fountain would be a lot of fun. My daughter bet me a dollar none of those things would happen. My wife merely rolled her eyes and said something like, "your father's weird." To which the daughter whole heartedly agreed.
So, as I said, I came in a bit early and fixed myself supper. Left over chili and a fried egg. And half a jar of pickled beans. My wife makes good pickled beans. Think she made the chili as well.
I checked out the New AgTalk forum and my email. I have an on going discussion with the creater of FarmerGPS ( because I'm not smart enough to get my GPS guidance to work. I may have discussed this before. FarmerGps is a program which runs on a on PC notebook which provides you with guidance for your tractor. Helps you stay on the row when you can't see where you are going. Since I am very cheap I put my system together out of stuff I bought off of ebay. Sometimes it doesn't work. The inventer of the program seems quite happy to give my support. Probably thinks I'm a nut.
But, the point of this post is the cat. I got up from my chair to take a shower and perhaps post on The Lazy Farmer and Baby the cat stole my chair. He always does that. He is a big old grumpy cat. Those are the best kind. In general I strongly dislike cats. This is one cat I actually like. Came with my wife so he must be something like 14 years old.
I just left him alone.
Found another place to set. Tomorrow he will be in that chair.

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