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Sunday, October 30, 2016

News vs News, what is up with Dakota Access Pipeline?

I have sort of followed the Dakota Access Pipeline news. I have a bit of a basis as I believe strongly in private property rights and I think the concept of Eminent Domain is no longer relative as the basic infrastructure of the United States has been established and it has been proven to be used to steal land from private individuals.
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Here to see how Donald Trump has used it to screw individuals like you and I...

It would appear that a Canadian Company is paying off politicians to use "eminent domain" to take land for the Dakota Access Pipeline but for some reason conservatives don't care.

Click here to go to NewsMax and then scroll down to read the comments. While reading this remember that being forced into a choice between Hillary the crook and Donald the crazy aligns one with people who don't want to be aligned with.

I checked on NewAgTalk and found a lot of mixed feelings. Local folks don't like protestors from out of state agitating. We saw that to some extent with our incident in Burns.

My opinion is pretty simple.
If they want to go though your land and you don't want them to go through your land than you should be able to say no. The only Eminent Domain theft I would even consider is if they people who were attempting to legally steal your personal property were required to pay you 1000 times fair market value.
Likewise I am opposed to designating large tracts of land as public parks or reserves when there are private property owners who will be affected.
There no longer is a "greater good..."
A faint promise of jobs and a possibility of cheaper oil is offset by a history of importing workers from outside the local area and the reality that shale oil is not cheap.
I see no difference between the issues faced by ranchers in the West and the Indian tribes opposing a pipeline though their reservation lands, or farmers who don't want to sell easements to a foreign company.
I think it is huge missed opportunity that conservative types are not coming out for private property rights.
This is also why I do not want to vote for Trump but I know Hillary is worse.
If I had a nickel for this simple phrase,
"If only Gary Johnson was not such an idiot"
If there was ever a time for a third party to win an election it was this year. If the Libertarians would have put a real candidate out I think they could have won.
If the race would have been between Bernie, Ron Paul, Trump, and the Crime Lord I wonder how it would have gone...


  1. I said from the beginning that even the republicans didn't want a moral man, or they would have chosen Huckabee or Carson.

    1. It is interesting to compare Hillary and Donald. I think Donald is a little better on private property rights but only in that he doesn't seem to want the Gubment to own everything. But perhaps that is only because he is not the Gubment.
      Depressing future.

  2. All the money and the best lawyers in the world can't help if they really want your land. You can do it the easy way or the hard way. My opinion anyway.

  3. The issue in the West is scarcity of private property rights. The ranchers only have revocable grazing permits. The Indians have limited reservation land that in the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline is simply being bypassed.

    The federally owned land in the U.S. works out to about 2 acres per person. What are those 2 acres worth? Probably less than a couple thousand dollars. Most people would sell their share, if they could.


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