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Monday, October 31, 2016

I tend to go off topic at work

My work study student has developed an interest in the design of the internal combustion engine.
Four stroke vs two stroke, how mufflers work, exhaust pipes, I didn't get as far as the rotary engine.
Last week it was how a turbine engine works and how you can make it drive something.
I had to find a white board.


  1. The English claim they have re-developed an old engine design that runs on any fuel. They have installed one at the royal dogcatcher's establishment in an effort to save money.
    They call it the 'Pound Stirling'.

  2. As you know, Budd, the best education comes not from a professor, but from the curiosity of the student. Teach on, my friend. And Muddy Valley, I tried REALLY hard not to groan on that one, but I just couldn't help myself! - lol

  3. Looks like turquoise turbine robots have replaced the steamers. I predict the end of civilization.


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