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Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm a little disappointed in Donald

I don't find is surprising that Mr. Trump has had women accusing of unwelcome sexual advances. I was surprised it didn't happen sooner. I suppose that timing is everything.
That video sure did surface at the right time.
I wish Mr. Trump would have answered the allegations of the women a little differently.
I think he should have pointed out that his goal has never been to be public office or moral leadership of any kind. The problem is that those who aspired to be political and/or moral leaders have failed and people have turned to him who has never claimed to be anything other than a rich playboy to pick up the slack. Because he is honest and tells it like it is.
Then he could have deflected the accusations by saying something like, I've hit on a lot of women, sometimes it doesn't work, sometimes they change their minds, so I back off. I've not tried to discredit them or have them walk in front of a train. I just move on, heck, sometimes I buy them furniture.
And he could have thrown in how this has affected his marriage cause his wife has found out he's a bit of a dog and how with the country at stake he would do better and then make a completely inappropriate joke about cigars in the oval office and pledge not to make his name synonymous with a sex act.
I mean really, at this point who cares if he offends the shrill classes. They are already offended.
I think it was a mistake to say the allegations were all untrue. Why not just embrace it. "Yeah, I like women, I'm a dog, Sorry, now that I'm going to president I will have to be more professional, the nation is at stake..."
Now it sounds to me more like he is just going nuts. There is not point in talking about a conspiracy or acting oppressed. We are all tired of that. I want him to move forward and show some leadership.
I'm actually leaning away from Libertarian or Constitutionalist and voting for Trump just cause I want to see what will happen.
I know Hillary will screw us. No mystery there. Might as well have our descent into hell as a nation be entertaining.


  1. lol - Yeah, I think he needs to quit this tip-toeing around! I DO actually agree with you though; he could have handled it better. I sometimes wonder if he gets too much "advice."

    1. I think it is a mistake to go on about how the election is rigged. Will I tend to agree with his comments about the gubment I also need to hear what he will do in response to world issues or economic problems. I'm still not convinced. Don't know if I should do a protest vote and accept Hillary as God's judgement upon us for our unbelief.

  2. I think there are people who don't really want a President Donald Trump but will protest vote for him if they think he is going to lose and people who hate Trump but aren't terribly enthusiastic about a President Hillary Clinton and won't vote for her if they think she is going to win anyway.

    All it will take for Trump to get in is a little miscalculation. That would be entertaining.

    1. I think you have a good point there. I was not voting for Trump but now that it looks like Hillary is set up to win I'm leaning towards him.
      I think the hysteria will be epic if he wins.

  3. If trump gets in I think we're all screwed!

    1. I've had this argument many times. People seem to think Trump is dangerous. I think he will be unable to do anything as president. Everyone is against him. Republicans and Democrats. People say he is unstable and will nuke the world. I don't think he will. He makes a lot of noise but if you look at his history I don't see extreme behavior.
      On the contrary I think Hillary has the ability to get things done. I don't like her foreign policy. I'm afraid she will push Russia to the edge. It appears to be a pattern.
      This is just my opinion.

  4. Trump has no experience. He is a hotheaded ass who listens to no one, doesn't read and doesn't care what anyone thinks or knows. It's an unfortunate positioning of two choices. He's a clown with no understanding of the Constitution. Unfortunately I'm watching the makes me sick. Now it is the case that he will get no legislative support from Democrats or Republicans or the talent of government and military employees. Undoubtedly he will get a deflated nuclear football. It's a dark, dark moment in our 250 year history. As you say, have a nice day.

    1. I think it is a probably a good thing no one will work with him. There are no good alternatives. I was planning on voting constitutionalist. I may even yet do so. The debate was not much different than I expected. I was hoping for a fistfight in the audience but no such luck.


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