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Friday, October 21, 2016

Madonna is for Trump! Threatens Hillary supporters with a Monica. Ironic Comparison Missed Comedians Across the Country

The threat of assault by the Crypt Keeper should swing the male vote to Trump.
Click her for a reputable source
I really hope that she doesn't take the position that NOT voting for Trump is automatically a vote for Hillary cause I'm worried it would be the end of MuddyValley.


  1. I know folks don't want to believe that NOT voting is NOT the moral high ground, but it isn't. It merely lets the worst evil grow unopposed.

    1. You vote for the person who will best represent you. You can't vote strategically it is cheating.

  2. Trump countered that he could do a better job.
    Personally, I think they should both drop out and come back and run when they grow up.

    1. Did you ever watch "The Jerk?" Remember when Steve Martins character was offered a job and Richard Pryor thought it was so funny.


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