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Sunday, June 26, 2016

My week

I have a new assistant. She is a history major. She likes to discuss the War of Northern aggression.
She can argue about theology, (can actually quote scripture), politics, guns, philosophy, and she is learning to back a trailer.
It is amazing to encounter a young college student who is interested about everything.
Sometimes she gets a little carried away with her driving.
It could be that I am a bad example...
She did get a little close to the beaver pond. I was actually impressed at how far she got off the trail with the Gator.
In other news...
I left the Ford Ranger in the middle of 350 acres. Someone stole the wheels off of it. We have let some young people go fishing at our farm. A friend of a friend is a tweeker.

I called the Sheriff. There is really nothing you can do about it. No serial numbers on aluminum rims and half worn out tires.
Speaking of half worn out tires... What sort of a moron steals worn out tires and aluminum Ford Ranger rims? You risk getting shot and go to all the work of exchanging wheels at 4 a.m. over something you could get for next to nothing from your local scrapper?
We got the license number of the vehicle leaving our farm. Just thought it was one of the kids fishing.

On the other hand...
My faith in humanity was restored yesterday.
I was moving the Tedder down highway 99W and my hat blew off. I of course slammed on the brakes because I didn't want to lose my hat. My bald spot would burn.
A passenger in one of the cars that I backed up, (a long line) jumped out, grabbed my hat, and brought it to me.
I said, "thank you very much."

My nephew from Portland came to visit. He got to experience farming. I sprayed molassas on the rained on hay. He helped. I rigged up a sprayer on the bumper of my pickup and we followed the windrows around the field.
I suspect he thinks farming is boring and full of strange misadventures.
He seems to be somewhat saddened by the violation of my Ranger. I suspect he respects my ability to not get stuck with bald tires.


  1. I thought those Gators could go about anywhere?

    That is odd about the ranger. Like you I am like why? I could maybe see it if they were high dollar but I guess drug addicts don't care.

    So spraying Molasses helps the hay that has been rained on? I never knew that.

    1. Even a small amount of Molasses seems to increase palatability. I have mostly repeat customers. I try to get their animals addicted to sugar in their hay.

    2. That's interesting. I will remember it.

  2. Not sure what a "tweeker" is but it can't be good. I need to look it up now. And the strange misadventures are one of the many reasons why farming is not boring.

    1. Tweeking refers to meth addiction. I suppose it came from the strange behavior observed in people who are on meth.

    2. The Meth-heads used to say they were "tweaking" when they were using around here back in the mid to late 90's. I never did quite figure out why they called it that though.

  3. Don't get confused and check "twerker," Ralph; you might break your neck! - lol - Budd, maybe the guy just had a ranger with worse tires and rims than yours.

    1. He did have a Ranger with worse tires than I. He left two of his on mine. Plus he only a mile away. I've seen his Ranger of with crappy rims and now it has my not as crappy rims. Unfortunately I called the Sheriff. I don't whether I should slash the tires, haul the rest of the POS Ranger over and dump in his driveway, or confront the guy. As I said, Sheriff is involved so it can only end badly for me...

  4. Envelope with used banjo strings and a cassette recording of "Deliverance" theme. Label with his plate # and toss it on the ground under the mailbox.

    But you're right. Sheriff's in, fun's out.

  5. Left Bank of the Charles commented that his Grandfather defended a hilltop in Pennsylvania for four days, but I accidentally deleted the comment.


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