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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Triple digit heat and a threat of rain (in my mind only)

I think it is going to rain.
I'm not especially well prepared for rain.
Most people don't think it will rain.
Here are my reasons:
Flocked sky two days ago. The Flocked Sky appeared while there were showers but it is always a good indicator of future rain. The sky looks "funny" in the evenings. "Funny Sky" is an official meteorological term which means i don't know what is going on but it looks like rain.
The Portland Rose festival is coming up and always rains during the Rose Festival.
In past weather patterns, overly hot weather in the spring is followed by rain.
And finally, we have hay down and I have promised to stack bales for other people and I don't have time to do it.
No one else thinks it will rain. People are cutting hay like there is no tomorrow...

Lulu helped me yesterday. I even fixed her air conditioning. She wore out fairly quickly however.
I had to load a truck of straw.
It was not a good day.
The truck arrived late.
It was supposed to get to the barn around 10 a.m.
The truck driver called me at 1 p.m. and said he was an hour away. I was getting the rake going. Then I decided to eat my lunch and right a the moment I got my leftover Uncle Jack's BBQ ribs on my plate the farmer called and said my truck was at his barn.
I ate my lunch anyway.

The blocks of straw would not say together. The squeeze clamps at the bottom of the stack. The bales squished so much that I had to add extra bales so that the squeeze could clamp tight. I didn't figure this out right away...

The truck driver looked as if he was going to have heat stroke. However he still wanted to talk. I couldn't hear him anyway. He talks softly.
I got it loaded by 7 p.m., the Trucker was not amused.
Oh well... life is full of pain and suffering.
I returned home and the hydraulic clutch was not working on the stacker. It took me a while to bleed the air out of the line as the bleeder screw was plugged.
I stacked until 11 p.m., should have gone longer.
Neighbor called at 8 a.m. to see if I could stack for him. I don't think he wants to do it after Church as he will have to run his loader tractor in 102 degree heat. I hope my a/c holds out.
I want to go kayaking with my daughter...

In other news...
My new work-study student wants to know why people are voting for Trump. It was an interesting discussion as I don't like Trump either.

This is why people are voting for Trump, everyone is fed up with the people who are protesting Trump. Click on my links and tell me how you feel about the opposition! (Note: it is the Daily Mail)
Headline says Black Muslim but he looks a little pink to me...

Senior prank turned political by activists


  1. Trump has done a good job of selling the brand name "Trump." There is nothing good to come from his nomination/election. I looked at the links but was distracted and read about Mohammed Ali, the greatest, and decided to skip Mr. Make America Great's not all that bad right now.

    1. Trump is a reaction. I understand the feeling but I would rather have a real candidate

  2. As is often the case, the U.S. election is big news here in Canada. Watching a documentary about Trump right now. Seems we will see a wave of immigration from the U.S. if he wins.

    1. Better build a wall cause you don't want them! Note: no one says they will be moving to Mexico. Nope, they want to make Canada suffer...

  3. I would love to move somewhere and get away from all this insanity, but such a place is kinda hard to find, and were I to find it, no doubt I would soon be crowded out.

    1. eden, but entry prohibited by flaming-sword wielding angel. sorry.

    2. Speaking of... Do you know what kind of car God drives?

    3. Something powered by a donkey engine?

      The definitive answer courtisy of Google

    4. Something powered by a donkey engine?

      The definitive answer courtisy of Google

  4. People are voting for Trump because they didn't have the brains or morals to vote for Huckabee or Carson, and couldn't stand the stench of the mainline candidates. That leaves us with the unknown quality of Trump, or the known corruption of Hillary. At least that's MY opinion, but you know what they say about opinions.

    1. It's sort of like having two legs in a bear trap and trying to decide which one to cut off


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