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Sunday, June 12, 2016

I try out the hot tub and drink coconut oil to improve my brain functions!

I woke with a start this morning. It was a bit of a panic. I was alone in bed and the sun wa streaming through the window.
Chickens were clucking the rooster was crowing. 
I looked at my trusty fitbit which I've been using to quantify my lack of sleep, and it read 9:45 AM.
I quickly texted my daughter, not really wanting to get out of bed, to see if she thought she could get ready for church in one half hour.
She did not answer.
So I drug my aged carcass across the living room down the hall into her bedroom. She was asleep.
We quickly reached a consensus. Not a chance.
So went looking for the lovely and gracious mrs. Shepherd. She was wrapped in a fuzzy blanket on the couch.
I remembered the old adage, it is best to let sleeping dogs and wives lie and so I retired to the bedroom with a not quite steaming cup of coffee, (evidence that she was up early) to attempt to find out if I have enough money to make my Baler payment and purchase twine. After three hours of trying to get quickBooks Pro 2012 to work with my iBook, I gave up and got out of bed. QuickBooks no longer works on my iBook. I need these stupid upgrades that bloat your computer and make it unusable.
I stuck with Apple for years but unfortunately it is now worse than a PC.
Frustrated beyond belief, I mixed up a healthy dose of coconut oil and brown sugar in my coffee, found a piece of Odd Moe's pizza in the refrigerator and retired to the hot tub, pizza in hand.
and attempted to blog using text to speech. 
Apple products are overrated.
My daughter came out and told me to quit talking so loud.
I think she was a bit put off by the possibility of a naked father eating pizza in the hot tub. 
I was not naked.
Note: I checked the sleep catigory on the Fitbit and I got ten hours of sleep. This is up from my weekly average of six and because of that I got a smiley face. That really motivates me to sleep more. I like smiley faces!!!

Note: it is really quite peaceful here. I can hear the bells from the distant monestary which seem quite cheerful. No doubt soon to be replaced by the caterwauling of an Imam if the ruling elite get their way...


  1. Monastery, Imams, hmm....If we could just convince the muslims that Allah wants them to have no children, maybe they, too, would wear house robes and stay inside to sing sad sounding songs.

  2. Why is baler twine so expensive?

    oh ya and get the upgrades :)

    1. It became expensive due to high price of oil. I suspect it stays expensive because there is only one Baler twine factory in the USA. Or is it two. Bridon and Contential are the only two companies.

  3. Ten hours of sleep. I will have to try that some time. This past week it would take almost two nights to make ten hours. Crop spraying makes for some early mornings and late nights waiting for the wind to stop blowing.

    1. I can't seem to make it on four hours any more. You Canadians are tough.

    2. It is like deferred maintenance on machinery. We can get away with it for a while but eventually it catches up and we have to pay the price.


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