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Monday, July 4, 2016

I forgot the frying pan

Last night Lulu wanted to go camping. We were making t-shirt screens and I screwed up both of them when washing out the emulsion.
I said lets go.
She loaded up the recently acquired furd exploder and we headed for the river.
We had food but I forgot the cast iron.

I did have a shovel. I burnt the paint off it, scoured it with gravel. It sort of worked. It would have been easier to drive back home for breakfast...


  1. Not quite the pitchfork fondue but still pretty resourceful.

  2. Sorta takes the temper out of the blade; don't ya think? Have a nice Fourth.

  3. Rim off a Ranger makes a passable grill, save the shovel.

  4. I recommend a coffee can. The lead floating around brings a comforting dullness.

  5. To all who were concerned about the shovel. It was a piece of crap Chinese "tempered" shovel that was cracked. I welded the crack with the wire feed welder this morning an it kept burning through. Did I mention made in China?

  6. Oh, man. Maiden China ain't no lady. Don't let her follow you home.

    1. Maiden China has been stalking me for years. Should not have hit on her at Harbor Freight. I think she is friends with that duck.


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