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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weather and whether

The mower is broken. It is a New Holland 1411. I suspect it was made around the turn of the century. It had all its shields until this year so it felt new to me.
A gear is out in the cutterbar. In theory our local new Holland dealer will have a complete cutter bar gearbox section for a few hundred dollars and we can bolt it in and go. Total repairs for this mower this season have well passed 20 percent down on a newer Hesston 1345 which is what I want.
Rain has been scheduled for Thursday through Monday. We have 15 acres of alfalfa and 100 acres of grass to mow.
The 4th of July usually is the start of swathing fescue for seed. Many people have started combining. Not a good time to be waiting 3 days for parts or a week for rain.
Stacker is broken anyway. Need a solenoid coil for a gresen electric valve which of course, New Holland doesn't have...
My wife appears to still be ill.
I can't decide which motorcycle to ride to work.


  1. Like they sang on Hee-Haw , "If it weren't fer baaaaad luck..."

  2. Mowers are broken. It's what they do. They are shiftless, amoral slackards. I keep feeding mine fence posts, baling wire, and rocks to teach it resilience and fortitude. The parts store keeps emptying my pockets.

  3. Wouldn't matter whether the weather were fair, or the mower be dead, had you wethers to graze the grass. Then sell to the Blue Goat, upscale pizza for the masses.


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