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Sunday, October 25, 2015

The funeral is over, I break my phone, I fix the roof, I find an excellent place for Pizza

My father's funeral was Saturday. I took me much longer than you would expect to do a 2:34 minute powerpoint slide presentation. There were no Ken Burns effects. But the pictures were two small to see properly.
Actually, I talk my wife into doing it but she doesn't have a lot of experience with it. Various major events happened and it takes a lot of time to scan photos and put them into PowerPoint. We should have used Google Docs and my daughters netbook. Apple and Microsoft have really embraced bloatware.
The funeral was nice. There was pie afterwards. People respected my father.
We have my wife's father living with us. He tends to not sleep all night. This results in chronic sleep deprivation on my wife's part.
This was a big problem when my father lived with my brother. I knew it was coming but it is still hard to deal with.
Today home healthcare came to see us again. There are a lot of programs available for elderly living with family. It sounds like someone is coming in once a week to give him a bath. That will be a relief.
Today it rained.
I woke in a panic. There were straw stacks still outside and the porch leaks like a sieve onto the dog's bed. This really upsets Stanley and his plan is to avoid the rain by moving into the house.
I couldn't find tarps, the owner of the machine that puts the stacks in the barn was at Church and I dropped my phone.
I went to the Verizon store where the helpful sales representative verified that the phone was dead called the insurance company. This took an hour.
I found out that iPhone have a $100 deductible.
There is no point in having insurance on you phone past one year.
I hate Verizon, their insurance company, and iPhones.
The salesperson was nice.
He showed me how to remove the simcard and I am now attempting to set up a different phone. The iPhone setup just has random settings thrown around where people with short attention spans cannot find things.
I used to love technology. Now, using my MacBook Pro and my iPhone is just a pain in the arse. Technology should be fun.
However, in honor of my wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the Charge of the Light Brigade I went to Mikey's Pizza to bring home a pizza for my wife. Since she can't get more the twenty feet away from her father as he tends to get up unexpectedly and then fall over.
Mikey's Pizza has pinball games. I had an enjoyable twenty minutes waiting for the pizza. By then I so hungry I had to try it.
It was excellent. I am so tired to bread crust thick pizza with that disgustingly sweet tomato sauce you can by the drum from the ACME restaurant supply company. Meaning, Dominos, Figaros, Pizza Hut, and 90 percent of the other pizza companies. Mikey's has a crisp thin crust, a spicy tomato sauce, a good range of toppings, it was not terribly greasy, it was just good old fashioned pizza.
The bright spot of the day.
I came home and worked on the car port roof. I managed to slip and fall and put my hand through the cheap clear roofing which was leaking anyway. I kind of think the carport is actually going to collapse in the next hard wind. But I peeled off the clear sections and replaced it with metal. Managed to get a fair amount of blood over everything but it was raining anyway.
I came back in, had more pizza, and have been attempting to set up my phone.
I would really like to take my MacBook Pro and my iPhone out to the woodshed, set them on the splitting block, and pound them into a million tiny shards with the eight pound splitting maul.
Just saying...
Might not buy a new or used MacBook Air. Kind of stepping back from that purchase after two new operating systems which steadily get worse...


  1. Yeah, I think technology is regressing.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad. And the stress of caring for the father in law. As they say, getting old ain't for sissies. Hard on the younger generation too. But somehow we do what we have to do.

  3. my daughter, computer knower-abouter, says to look at something cfalled

    descriptions/reviews/links for the many kinds of linux available.

    says linux may be tinkered with by user or see what others have tailored for themselves. you can use any of them.

  4. going through similar with my 90 year old mother. got a little buzzer at hardware store. sounds when door is open.
    you can leave your father-in-law for a while to go to bathroom or kitchen and not miss any unauthorized activity.
    never slept through night til mother got so brain faded that she now sleeps through herself.
    finally got myself a hospital bed and put in her room. now i can sleep and with comfort, thanks be to God.

    was going mad with sleep deprivation. there is a nunnery here with medical nuns.
    mother now goes to daycare there, thanks to info from one of our priests.
    first month she was there i slept through every day for one whole month!!
    try to get a day or two per week of daycare for your dad and catch up on your sleep.
    take under tongue vit. B drops religiously. and get a bit of sun for vit. D. it will help.
    medicare or medicaid should help with daycare expenses. go to area agency on ageing and get a social worker for him.
    that's all i got.
    hope it helps.

    1. Thanks. Sleep is the biggest issue I think. Just about missed work this morning.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing the old photos of your Dad. I wish we could have stayed for the pie afterwards.
    That clear roofing doesn't last very long. Any sun at all will make it rot.
    The Verizon guy suggested I not buy an iphone & showed me several that had been dropped.
    Hang in there.

  6. Hey sorry for your loss.
    The article is very nice and have emotional value.
    I hope you'll feel much better.

  7. You might want to go with something heavier than an 8 pound maul as I am finding my iPhone 4S and iPad to be indestructible.

    My iPad took a crushing corner hit last winter, which managed to separate the screen a bit from from the casing, but it is still working at least until it is overcome with the dust that can now get inside.

    I've managed to break 2 iPhone covers by dropping it and just this past weekend dropped it in a glass of water I was using as a tripod to shoot video. It kept recording through the whole experience.

    I have a Mac Mini that I kind of like but don't find myself using very often. So that means it still runs well despite OS upgrades and such.

    There are days when the 4 year old Windows 7 laptop I use at work decides it's going on strike for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the work itself does not honor the picket line and still wants to be done.

    I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father, fathers are irreplaceable.


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