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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A lunch break and a new job

Today is my second day as a groundskeeper at a local private college.
This may or may not have been a really wise career move.
I have developed a mantra, insurance, retirement free, tuition.
The main problem is that I'm in charge of a section. 
The fellow training me today said he didn't understand how there could be 30 applicants but none with Groundskeeping experience.
I was up against someone who said he was really qualified. But they didn't hire him.
I said, I know nothing and I never claimed to be qualified. 
Guy just laughed and shrugged.
After that we got along great.
We shall see what happens.
Of course after taking job I have had opportunities to make more money farming, or lose it, roll of the dice.


  1. yay! i cant wait to see what happens!

  2. Maybe you were the only applicant with a greens card.

  3. The term "groundskeeper" just made me think of the Simpsons character, groundskeeper Willie. Hope it is a profitable sideline to farming. Be nice to have a regular pay cheque coming in I'm sure.


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